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    Another Problem

    I'm so sorry, i am a new comer. and now i am using GetPrivateProfileString API function. but i still can not get value from the file in VB.net2003 enveriment, can anyone so kind to write the basic for me. so thanks with deep inspiration. :)
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    One Problem met when Using String class in VB.NET

    I want to define a string with 1000 NULL. and i know in VB6, it's comfortable to write like this kind:String$(1000,0),but in, it does not support this kind of constructure. any one knows how to do it. thanks very much
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    ResEditor from Microsoft does any use??

    I am preparing MCAD and i am learning programme set(or maybe routine set), and it says Using ResEditor to setup the resource, is it useful? why not setup it in the VS enviroment?
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    How to use C function in VB?

    i want to use some functions written by C language in 2003 . how can i use them . thank you .
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    Can you tell me how to use C function in VB.net2003

    rt. so thanks
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    what is the relationship between twip and pixel?

    1 pixel = ? twips thx. i can't find it in the textbook. theory always far from practicing :o
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    How To set the control's ZOrder property

    In VB6, if we want to put a control on another one, we can set the zorder to be 0. but in i can't find this property. but i find one method(updateZorder), so there must be a method to set the zorder. anyone knows? thank you!
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    Anyone knows where can i find the menu icons?

    i want some elegant icons for menu, anyone knows where i can find them? thanks a lot .:)
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