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    UserControl Appearance in Panel

    I 'am trying to do the same, which is add the usercontrol (usrNewMenu) to a panel (pnlFrmArea). So I create an instance of the usrNewMenu called usrNewMenu_obj and then add this object to the main form and then the main form's panel, pnlFrmArea using the following commands...
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    paint the screen grey when the application begins

    I am trying to paint the Computer Screen grey for the duration that the splash screen and the next popup screen (both of the dimensions lesser than the Computer Monitor's)run, the background is always grey. I have the following for that...
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    .vb code queestion

    This question is a silly one but I need to know. I accidentally did something in my .vb code file and the following happened Please tell me what this is and a way to get rid of it. Thanks
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    Form resize ToolStripMenuItem

    Hi I am trying display all the text content of all the form controls like the label font size, the text of the dynamically generated TreeView, the font size of the menuitems, etc. according to the screen resolution. Is there a way to do that ? Thanks,
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    Form resize ToolStripMenuItem

    Hi Is there a way to automatically resize the font of the ToolStripMenuItem when the MenuStrip size changes. For example, on form load I change the size of the menustrip. But the change in size does not trigger a change in the font size of the menu items (of type ToolStripMenuItem). Is there a...
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    User Control Parent Form Problem

    Hi, I am displaying a usercontrol on my parent form and it displays like this: Though the events such as button click on the usercontrol are fired appropriately, the user control fields are displayed as given in the picture. Please help.
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    MediaControl as ElementHost.Child() and form size

    Thanks for your reply. I realized that the hard way (refer code) Private Sub SplashScreen1_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load md.Source = New System.Uri("C:\AppPath\myVid.wmv") md.Stretch = Windows.Media.Stretch.None...
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    MediaControl as ElementHost.Child() and form size

    I am using the System.Windows.Controls.MediaElement in my ElementHost Control of the form called SplashScreen1. In order to use the MediaElement, I have added the reference PresentationFramework.dll and imported the mediacontrol. Now I want to play the video called abc.wmv using my MediaElement...
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    Merge form.Designer.vb into form.vb

    I am developing an application using VB 2008. I have three forms say Form1, Form2 and Form3, the application codes are in files Form1.vb, Form2.vb and Form3.vb respectively. I have managed to merge all the three .vb files in one .vb file, MainForm1.vb. Going one step further, I was wondering...
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    View .frm and .frx

    Thanks I uses the VBto Converter and it worked! Thanks again.
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    View .frm and .frx

    I am trying to view .frm and .frx files on VB.NET. Is there a way that I can view the designer of this obsolete version of the form in VB.NET. Would appreciate your help. Thanks.
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