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    post deleted?

    why has my post been deleted?
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    [2005] floating window question

    how can i check that the window immediately beneath my window is my other window? i know it sounds a bit confused:confused:
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    [2005] process.start - recycle bin

    how can i use process.start to open the recycle bin?
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    vb 2008 upgrade

    does anyone know when microsoft are releasing a vb2005 to 2008 upgrade for non msdn subscribers?
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    timer in backgroundworker thread

    i've got a timer in a backgroundworker thread, but it doesn't work. what am i doing wrong? is there an alternative method?
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    overlapping controls

    how can i determine if 1 control is or will overlap another control if i move it? for example textbox1- left = 168, top = 111, width = 10, height = 36 picturebox1 - left = 160, top = 108, width = 18, height = 18 i'm working with high precision and little room for error. any ideas?
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    decoding byte array

    how do i find which encoding type to use when converting a byte array to a string?
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    [2005] registry

    how can i scan the registry recursively, getting all subkeys + values, then adding them to a list? (listbox, listview or just a textbox)
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    thread resolved?

    how do i mark thread resolved on this forum?
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    how do i run paint.exe with process.start specifying a file to open? p.s. paint isn't my default image viewer
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    [2005] file access problem

    i've just written a disk searching program, and discovered while doing so that i have 2 locked folders on my Hdd. if i open the parent directory in my computer, then dblclick either of these folders, i get a msgbox that pops up telling me that my Hdd isn't formatted and asking if i want to...
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    i've got a text file that lists 596 cities (example) it lists city name, current UTC offset, then (again) city name, state (if applicable), and country. how can i match these cities up to the appropriate timezone?
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    windows task manager

    i'm thinking about writing something like windows task manager, but with uptime's included. i want to run it at startup in the system tray. how would i go about doing this?
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    how can i set the TransparencyKey for a usercontrol? its not listed as a property of a usercontrol
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    how can i draw customlinecaps so my lines are capped with a diagonal end i.e. for a 8 pixel wide line like this: (see attachment) thanks
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    how can i use a hatchbrush for ms paint style brush drawing?

    how can i use a hatchbrush for ms paint style brush drawing? the best way of drawing (ms paint style) with a solidbrush seems to be the graphics.drawcurve method, but this doesn't work with a hatchbrush.:confused:
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    floodfill question

    is there a fast way to floodfill a region in thanks
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    changing bitmap colors

    i'm trying to change some colors in a bitmap. this is the code i'm using Dim att As System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageAttributes = New System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageAttributes Dim map As System.Drawing.Imaging.ColorMap = New System.Drawing.Imaging.ColorMap map.OldColor = Color.FromArgb(0, 0, 0)...
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    listview question fontcolor

    :confused: how do i set the fontcolor for the fixedrow (column titles) in a listview?
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    SHGetFileInfo question

    how do i get the My Computer icon using SHGetFileInfo? i've tried this SHGetFileInfo("", FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL, shinfo, Marshal.SizeOf(shinfo), SHGFI_ICON + SHGFI_SMALLICON + SHGFI_DISPLAYNAME) but it doesn't work. i'm not sure what the filename for My Computer should be?
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