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    Question Soundex

    Does anybody have detailed imformation about the implementatin of Soundex in T-SQL. Search MSDN, but there only seem to be more commonplace infos, but no detailed infos.
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    Double To Long

    Hi, I'd like to split a double into mantissa and exponent, where mantissa should be stored in a long and exponent in an integer. Mantissa should get the full internal 17 digit value Currently I'm doing this with DblString = DblVar.ToString("G17") Then splitting into the two parts, putting...
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    Convert Access table to SQL

    Yes, I know, you can upsize Access directly to MSSQL, but ... A customer of mine (mobile app) uses a "kind of" homebuilt ERP software that basically is a very large (several large) Access mdb. Over the last 10 years or so, this app (Access forms etc) has been grown bigger and bigger and now...
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    DataBindingSource n stuff

    Hi, I notice in most vb forums that ppl are using the "built in" data access tools heavily. I mean databinding, datatables, etc. I am coming from vb6 (or more exactly Appforge MobileVB ... hi neal ;) ) and therefore hardly ever used such stuff. More or less always using OleDB and filling my...
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