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    Composite Control with GridView containing dynamic button not firing RowCommand

    Ok, I've run up a custom class derived from CompositeControl and have added a gridView to it. There's also a custom templatefield containing a linkbutton that is added to the gridView in an onInit override and I've added public events for the rowCommand and rowDataBound plus handlers to private...
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    Odd issue with DropDownList

    Ok, has anyone encountered this one (and hopefully resolved it) My web app has an updatepanel that auto-refreshes via a timer every 10 seconds - in itself that's fine and it works well, however for some reason in Firefox, a dynamically populated DropDownList on the page (outside the...
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    Dataset Visualizer doesn't visualize any more!

    Hi guys, I have an odd problem whereby my VB.NET 2005 dataset visualizer doesn't show any information in the window. It used to, and the very same project (that I'm developing on a desktop in the day and laptop at night) works fine with the copy installed on my laptop. I've tried a repair of...
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    VB 2005 tableadapter select query columns out of sequence

    Hi... I have a tableadapter filling a datatable using the following query: SELECT Pos01, Pos02, Pos03, Pos04, Pos05, Pos06, Pos07, Pos08, Pos09, Pos10, Pos11, Pos12, Pos13, Pos14, Pos15, Pos16, Pos17, Pos18, Pos19, Pos20, Pos21, Pos22, Pos23, Pos24, Pos25, Pos26, Pos27, Pos28, Pos29...
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    VB 2005 tableadapter select query columns out of sequence

    Apologies - re-posted this in a more appropriate forum - Datalayer/Abstraction
  6. M 2005 Combobox - how to separate datasource and dropdown source

    Hi, I'm trying to replicate an app I'd written in Access where a number of fields used bound comboboxes that would display the fields from the current record, but would give the option via the dropdown of a fixed list of items. I have been able to bind a combobox to a datasource (SQL), but the...
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    Simple DataGridView problem driving me mad

    Hi. Apologies for the daft question - I'm sure the answer is staring me in the face, but I've been banging my head on the desk all day trying to solve this... I have a DataGridView object that I'm trying to populate with an arraylist that's created at runtime. I fill the list with 40 string...
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