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    Upgrading to .NET, help ?

    Are we going to vote? ;) One for JohnH. Leave with some meaningfull return value if it makes sense, I'd say. Private Function FoundSomePattern(ByVal s As String, ByVal p As String) As Boolean If s.Length = 0 OrElse p.Length = 0 Then Return False ' 100 lines of code to find a...
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    Question pick a random?

    You have to use ListBox1.Items.Count because the upper boundary is EXCLUSIVE. i.e.,6) will generate numbers from 1 to 5 and NOT up to 6
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    Question Soundex

    Does anybody have detailed imformation about the implementatin of Soundex in T-SQL. Search MSDN, but there only seem to be more commonplace infos, but no detailed infos.
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    Question pick a random?

    Use the Random() class and its Random.Net(lowervalue_inclusive, uppervalue_exclusive) method to determine a list entry. Remove entry from listbox and store in textbox.
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    Sorting Arrays

    Numbers are sorted perfectly! Dim a() As Integer = {1, 11, 2, 22, 5} Array.Sort(a) For Each i As Integer In a Debug.Print(i) Next Unfortunately ... many people think that "11" is number. It's not. It's a ... string! Also some ppl think that "dim a as...
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    How to sort with StreamReader method?

    You might want to explain first, WHAT you want to sort. How does the content of the file look? And if you use "ReadToEnd" you can not sort anything, because the result is a single string. And you obviously cant sort a single object.
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    Sockets - Send message from server to multiple clients

    If you need something like message storing, I'd work with a global database where the messages are stored and maybe some kind of information system based on UDP packets. When you want to send a message to a certain "user", you store the message in the DB and send a braodcast packet with...
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    Recommended charting component?

    Try Zedgraph as far as I know it's both powerfull and easy to use. Main Page - ZedGraphWiki License is LGPL, so no problem.
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    Question help need...make a player?

    Are you telling us "I cant walk, plz teach me how to win the 100m finals"?
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    Question button object from variable, buttonx

    Believe me: It IS displayed. Unfortunately (in my sample) all buttons have the same size and same LOCATION. So one sits on the other and you can only SEE the topmost button ;) The solution is easy ...
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    shuffling or randomizing a set of numbers.....

    @MattP: If your array is large, your function will run very long I assume (bc it selects a random number and checks if it was already selected). Fisher-Yates has a complexity of O(n), while yours is much worse for large n.
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    convert pdf to jpg

    I think that ImageMagick might do the job: ImageMagick: Install from Binary Distribution
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    Question Group controls?

    Why dont you simply use the "name" of the Controls? Say you have Buttons (and/or Labels etc) that CONTAIN GrpA in their name (Like "BtnOpenFileGrpA") and others that have GrpB in their name. No you could select the required ones with LINQ like this: Dim ctl = From p As Control In Me.Controls...
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    Question button object from variable, buttonx

    is not required! dim b as button for i = 1 to 10 b = new button me.controls.add(b) next i Now you have 10 "different" Buttons on the form.
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    Question button object from variable, buttonx

    If you do something like Dim Button_X = SomeString then Button_X becomes a variable with type string To create a "Button", you do Dim bt As NEW Button bt.text = "Hello World" You have to add the button to the Form (or any other container that is itself inside the form): Me.Controls.Add(bt) or...
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    Question array

    Dim a() As Byte or Dim a(10) As Integer or Dim a(20,20) As String or Dim a(10)() As Object or or or ...
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    shuffling or randomizing a set of numbers.....

    Check this: Fisher–Yates shuffle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Comparing two images

    I wonder if one could use the Levenshtein or Damerau-Levenshtein distance together with this approach? @czeslaw1: you might want to look at Aforge.Net which is a free (LGPL) library with quite some powerfull imaging functions.
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    Comparing two images

    I'd say, there is no SIMPLE way to tell how "equal" two pictures are. All the "face finding" products have the same problem. The problem starts already with the definition of "equal". Say you have a picture with a black background and a white square and the second picture is just the opposite...
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    Senior VB.NET Software Engineer

    You might want to reconsider this requirement, since the first version of VB.Net hit the shelves only in 2002, so almost nobody (maybe some guys from MS who developed this stuff can) can fullfill this requirement ;)
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