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  1. Jan Grenov

    Question Hash translation trouble

    Whenever I search for a translation English->Danish of the Word "hash" I get one explanation only: Hash is marijuana. However I very much doubt that a HashTable is actually a table that people gather around to smoke marijuana ;-) Can anyone explain to me what Hash in the programming context...
  2. Jan Grenov

    Question How to digitally sign my add-ins?

    For many years I have developed add-ins for the building design programs like AutoCAD and Revit and MS Word and MS Excel. Now the time has come where I need to digitally sign my apps, and therefore I have of course searched information on the internet. I understand that the very first thing, I...
  3. Jan Grenov

    Question Trouble connectiong to FTP server

    Hi I am developing an add-in for Autodesk Revit and I need to create a download module where users can download Revit Family files from an ftp server. This is new land to me, so I need to learn more about handling this. I tried to connect this way Dim ftpRequest As FtpWebRequest =...
  4. Jan Grenov

    Question Proposed reading for an experienced but autodidact programmer?

    I have for several years been making add-ons for AutoCAD and in the past year i have also made add-ons for Revit and MS Office. Started in 1990 programming in AutoLisp - then moved on to VB6 and VB.NET However I feel a need for some basic knowledge on how to really structure my applications...
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