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    Not a valid password

    I'm trying to read and Write the datagridview using .accdb files through oledb connection . when i Run the application it Showing error like " Not a valid password " .i check the database test connection in the connection properties..That also shows "Test Connection succeeded ",then why...
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    How to start read from the specific line in text file

    i want to Start read from a specific line in the text file. ex: text file qwert yuiop asdfg ghjkl zxcvb asmjn ........... going on Now Start to read From zxcvb line .How to Suppose i do in ???
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    How to append the first line when text file data reach the last line ?

    i trying to read the text file .So my question is how to append the first line when i reach the last line in the text file ? Ex 1 2 3 . . 10 when i reach the 10 ,automatically read from the 1 . how to suppose i do? please give any idea ....
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    How to draw the spatial Shape ?

    How to Draw the below Shape in vb.NET ? And i want to insert the shape in label . please give any idea
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