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    How long will my program last in the Windows world?

    Hi guys, I've developed a pretty big app with using visual studio 2010 express, and I have a few concerns. With windows 8, and windows 10 now coming out, how long can I expect before I have to reprogram my whole app? There are a lot of lines of code... Should I consider using Visual...
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    Simple FTP rename doesn't work?!

    Hi guys, Been at this for about 5 hours. no results on the web helping... I am able to rename folders, but not actual files! Try Dim FOLDERrequest As FtpWebRequest = CType(FtpWebRequest.Create("ftp://" + myFtpHost + "/" + txtTarget.Text), FtpWebRequest)...
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    Global hotkey only works with certain keys?

    Hi guys, I'm using VS 2010. I'm trying to make global hot key to bring up a little form for me which can help me do various functions faster. Such as, open a certain web page, program, etc.... So the hot key I want is Left Control + Windows. Even when the form is minimized or hidden. With...
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