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    Question Get value from DropDownButton

    Using VS 2010, there's a DropDownButton control where you click it and it pops down a list of options. I've looked and looked and can't figure out how to retrieve the value of the option that the user selects. Unlike the combo box, this button doesn't have a textbox. I've put the button onto...
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    Linklabel -- how to populate subject & body of email?

    In my app I want the user to be able to click a linklabel on the form to send me an email. Easy enough using this: Private Sub linklabel1_LinkClicked(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.LinkLabelLinkClickedEventArgs) Handles linklabel1.LinkClicked...
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    Reading text file line by line, with resetting position to beginning of file

    I'm reading a text file with StreamReader, line by line. If a condition is met, then I do an operation and then start reading the file again from the first line. I realize I could close and then re-open the file, but surely this would be very slow. I could do this easily in VB6, but pulling...
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    DataGridView is slowwwwww....

    I realize this has been covered here & there, but I'm wondering what the best solution is. My dgv has only 20 columns and 20 rows, some with colored background, and is painfully slow even on a relatively fast laptop. Some solutions I've seen include setting the dgv property to Doublebuffered...
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    Creating a new custom folder on destination PC

    Back in the olden days, when we chiseled our code onto stone, we could create an application and all support files and subfolders could reside in a main folder on the C: drive. For example, the program and data files could all be in C:\BugMansApp. Now, if I understand it correctly, the...
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    problem with dock and toolstrip

    This should probably be a different topic, but the reason I was cutting/pasting is that I have a split panel form. I dock a toolstrip to the top of one panel, and then add a datagridview control. I set it to dock to parent, and it does, but goes under the toolstrip, hiding the top of the grid...
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    Question DataGridView - those pesky dots (ellipses), can I get rid of them?

    The DataGridView works nicely, but unless the text fits completely into the cell with margin to spare, the text is truncated and those truncated letters replaced with "...". Is there any way to tell dgv NOT to add these pesky dots?
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    Losing control Handles code

    Just about every day as I build my app and run/test it, I click on a control (button, grid, anything) and nothing happens. I double-click the control in design mode, and it's like clicking on a new control, no code is there. It turns out that the control loses the part of the line of code...
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    Can I set DataGridView color using variable?

    I want to be able to set the color of a DGV cell based upon a choice by the user. Assume the user has a list to choose from: Aqua Azure Beige Bisque Black Coral Plum Tomato etc. to about 20 colors. I want to set the color of the cell using the users selection. Ideally, it would look...
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    Question Bookmarking/flagging code

    I'm using Express 2010 and can't find how to flag or bookmark code. There used to be a flag icon so that you could mark code and go to it quickly wherever you are in the code. Can't find it now, where'd it go?
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    Question Context Menu: How to detect run time menu items when selected?

    Using VB.Net 2010 Express: I can't figure out how to detect the run time menu option that was selected from a Context Menu Strip. I've added the control to a form, added one option at design time and can trap that event, but not the menu option added at run time. Surely this is simple, but...
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