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  1. Satal Keto

    Question Create a discussion thread on a Windows Form

    I am currently creating an application which monitors any errors that occur in the other applications I have developed. One thing that I want to try and do is add a sort of discussion thread into the form, so this allows for each member of IT to add comments/notes about the error that occurred...
  2. Satal Keto

    OleDbDataReader from Excel gives blank line

    Hi, I am creating an application which uses OleDb to connect to an Excel spreadsheet and read the data into DataTable. The problem that I am having is that some of the columns I am getting are coming up blank, I've managed to narrow down that this is because that the first few lines for that...
  3. Satal Keto

    [OOD] Class design for with Database back end

    Hi, I was hoping that I could get some guidance from some of you guys on Object Design with Database back ends. I am trying to build what could be considered to be my first full scale application, which is a student tracker (simplification). While I have a reasonable idea of how I would go about...
  4. Satal Keto

    Registry Creating DWORD problems

    Hello I am trying to make a program for the administrators at my school. What I am trying to do is make a program which the administrators can run on each computer in the school and it will edit the registry so that the children in the school can't access CMD or run batch files (as they was...
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