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    Question windows service check db?

    I am adding a new record in my sql server database table. Once a new record is added to my database table i need to create a windows service to check if a new record is added to the table. If it is done, then it should pop-up with a messagebox stating "New Record added". How to achieve this? I...
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    Moving the contents of the inbox in outlook to sql server DB

    I need to move the content of the inbox in outlook to a sql server DB. How to do it? Is there any way of achieving it? Pls provide me with coding Regards CRP
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    using enter key to set the focus

    I have four textbox controls on my windows form. After entering something in textbox1 and if press enter the cursor should go to textbox2. Similary for all the textboxes. How to do it? Thanx
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    displaying the value of the column in the messagebox

    The following code inserts a new record in the sql server database. This is a windows application. CODE ===== Dim myconnection = New SqlConnection("server=TBS4F198\SQLEXPRESS; uid=rajan; pwd=jayraj; database=practice") Dim mycommand = New SqlCommand("Insert into emp values...
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    connecting progress database

    Pls provide me the connection string syntax for connecting and progress database. It's urgent
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    visual inheritance

    I am creating a tool bar in windows form (in visual studio 2005). I need to inherit the tool bar in all my forms? How to achieve it? I need the full code. Pls help
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    upgrading vb6.0 application to

    Hi all, I am upgrading a vb6.0 windows application to through visual studio 2005 upgrade wizard. When we use that wizard it automatically converts 80% of the code written in But 20% of the code has a warning saying that the code needs to be changed. I need to know where i can...
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    I have a listbox server control where i have added items as 10, 12 and 14. I have a label server control in my form. Whenever i click the items in the listbox, the size of the label should get changed according to the size (number) selected in the listbox. for e.g when i choose 10 in the list...
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    hardware requirements for installing visual studio 2005

    What is the system (hardware) requirements for installing visual studio 2005? Pls reply
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    reading a pipe delimited text file

    I need to read a text file which is delimited with pipe symbol and then save the contents of the text file in sql server using How to achieve it. I need the full coding. Pls help. I am new to
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    reading data from flat file and inserting into sql server 2000 table

    I am having a notepad file with pipe(|) symbol. Assume that i have three fields/values in my text file. The first field is a datefield, the second field is a varchar field and the third one is a numeric/integer field. Pls give me the full coding in to read the flatfile and put the...
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