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    Question Color Palete

    OK Please give me a sample ! If I use "Mouseclick" then I can load a colored picture and determine clicked color. Is this way correct?
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    Question Color Palete

    How I can create a panel of Color like this: this is a panel with subPanels that their Back Colours are different!
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    Question RichText Like OfficeWord

    Is there a text control like officeword's Text Control? I am using WebBrowser For Editing (it's better than richtextbox) but it Have Many Limits! Is there a alternative component? Thanks!
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    Question Best RibbonBar

    What's the best RibbonBar? I think Telerik radribbon is the best! what's your opinion?
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    Rules / Guidelines for using Ribbon control?

    Hi 1-Search this term "The operation completed successfully" in the source of RibbonControl which you have got from codeproject 2- take it between try catch
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    Question How to create ribbon?

    This component works but it have very much Bugs
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