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    Question Adding .dlls and .exes to my installation

    In my project, I've made reference to a .dll file (which was compiled through visual studio, and is currently marked as a reference). Having added it as a reference, when I compile my program into a setup file, will it include the .dll. Secondly, I have run a process off an installed program on...
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    Question TTH (Tiger Tree Hash) ?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to make a TTH (Tiger Tree Hash). Any help would that would also be much appreciated.
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    ED2K Hash Algorithms

    Hi, I'm working on a program that will require me to get the ED2K Hash of a file. I know this involves splitting the file into 9500 KiB chunks then running an MD4 Hash on each chunk (including the remainder chunk) then MD4 Hashing the result. The problem is, I have little/no experience with...
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