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    error on deleting file in ftp

    I was using SharpSsh for sftp in my vb coding, it was working good for upload and download file. But when I trying to delete file from sftp server with below code, it keep hit error of Invalid URI error. Anyone know how should I fix this? Dim ftpRequest As FtpWebRequest =...
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    Question perform bulk insert

    Hi, currently I have text file showing as this Class_ID, USER_ID, SOURCE_NO 10001:A01:AAA01 10002:A02:AAA01 10003:A03:AAA01 10004:A04:AAA01 10005:A05:AAA02 <-- this is wrong, I need to compare within text file as well. Did anyone know how to bulk insert the data I read from text file? it many...
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