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    where shall i put my connection string

    About to start teaching myself some Where should I put my connection string?
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    Word editor

    Is it possible for me to have a windows form in my project with a MS Word doc edititing control on it and restrict the file save location on that doc? I have created an rtf editor using the richtextbox and was storing the rtf & embedded images in sql server and then loading into editor later but...
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    GAC Issues

    Hi I'm developing a system in VS.NET 2005. There is myself and 1 other developer. I have referenced various COM components such as MS EXCEL + WORD. All is fine and I can run the app nice and easy. However when I checked my code in that makes calls on these components my colleague gets issues...
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    Merge Menus MDI App

    Hi I am struggling with this even though it is possibley the cackiest problem ever..... I have an MDI app. Main form with a menuStrip. Different child forms created by users. On maximisation of a child form I want to bung all the menu or toolstrip items of that child to the menu of...
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    VB.NET + Sharepoint

    Does anybody know if it is possible/feasible for me to implement sharepoint with my own "front end" written in Cheers.
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    Remove text From richtextbox

    Clipboard.SetText(rtbNewsItem.Text.Substring(rtbNewsItem.SelectionStart, rtbNewsItem.SelectionLength)) rtbNewsItem.SelectedRtf.Remove(rtbNewsItem.SelectionStart, rtbNewsItem.SelectionLength) Why is this not doing anything for me? The clipboard has the selected text but the selectedrtf.remove...
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    Store/read Word doc to/from SQL Server

    I have written a word doc to my sql db how do I read this back in a VB.NET app?
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    RichTextBox .rtf ---> Sql Server as image

    Hello all. Have any of you ever stored the contents of an rtb as an IMAGE in SQL Server 2000? I have gotten as far as storing the text(formatted) from a rtb with .Parameters.Add("@Main_Body", SqlDbType.Image).Value = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(rtbNewsItem.Rtf) but as soon as the getbytes hits...
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    How easy\hard is ASP.Net?

    I am a (newbie and not the best to be fair:) )and my company has suddenly decided they want a web based app for contractors to access and check what orders we are allocating to them. How difficult is it going to be for me to knock something up? Any pointers as to best practise with...
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    Camera phone - VB.NET 2005

    Hello I had a question a week or two ago surrounding capturing images from a camera. Found some dll's that our company had purchased years ago(TwainPro3Lib) and got my app working. Now my org want's me to be able to rip images straight from a samsung d900 camera phone! I am really struggling...
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    imagelist -> picturebox

    I am acquiring images from a camera and bunging them in an imagelist on my display form. When displaying the images in my picturebox (sizemode = stretch)on the form they are horrible, blocky and distorted. Had a mess around and found that if I increased the size of the imagelists' imagesize...
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    Exploring My Computer

    Hi folks I am trying to interface with a digital camera and was thinking of approaching the problem like so: Load form and explore My Computer until I find a drive where type is like "Camera"(I've plugged my digi camera in and when I go in to explore I see the camera below network drives in...
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    Panel scrollbars

    I am trying to make a picturebox "zoomable" and to that end have placed a picturebox inside a panel. Two zoom buttons (+, -) on the form. On zoom pressed I either increase or decrease the size of the picturebox and set sizemode to stretch, I now check the height and width of pic box and show the...
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    External pen

    Anyone have any ideas how I could capture a persons signature using an external pen device? I'm well stumped. Cheers.
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    binding controls to objects

    Question: I have a form with a tabstrip and controls on the pages bound to my class as a datasource. I default my combos and other controls on loading the form. If I am adding a new record(my objects values are empty strings, 0 etc..),as I select a page on the tab strip the controls are being...
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    toolstrip items staying visible

    Just a quick one on a problem I was experiencing with embedding a Custom user control in a toolstrip. I have a menu structure of a toolstripDropDownButton and under this some toolstripMenuItems with custom controls as their children. On a button click of my custom controls an event was...
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    Embedding Controls In a ToolStrip

    I have spent the best part of a day and half building a menu structure and learning how to embed my custom control into a toolstrip/toolstrip item with loads of help from people on here. Only to discover that if I overload the new sub with a parmeterised version in my control the control does...
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    Adding a custom control to a toolstrip

    After getting past the first hurdle of toolstrip items(combobox hell!!!!) I have decided to create a user control, consisting of two date pickers and a button to allow me to gather date between parameters to bung into stored proc. I have got the control and referenced it in my application, but...
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    Has anyone ever used this as a normal combobox i.e with a diplsymember and valuemember? I have been killing myself with this for a while now! There is an underlying ComboBox which I have set datasource,displaymember, and valuemember but cannot use....... Please someone put me out of my...
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    Why NULL??????

    Why do we need NULL values in a varchar column on database? They are causing me so much jip. Why not just store emptystring instead of null? obj.Property = ds.tables(0)("StringValue") gives error if null value stored...... Why do we even have them? Do i I really have to throw an "iif" around...
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