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    Aspx Gridview event problems

    Hey everyone, I have a custom gridview extension class in .net 4.0 (aspx). The class handles sorting events etc as well as displaying the header and footer when the datasource is empty. This works great except that in my onrowdatabound event I find and add options to dropdowns (Footer is...
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    Hi Im having a problem and wondered if anyone could offer a sollution. Im trying to use to merge 2 zip files. Namly add any new files in and replace existing from one file to another. Ive tried this using sharpziplib to no avail. There are plenty of examples showing how to put a...
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    black and white box testing?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, hello everyone My question is what is the difference between black and white box testing? Which is which? When you enter test data and check the output is correct is that black or white? When you change the code so that each line can be tested in a function what...
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