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    Rules / Guidelines for using Ribbon control?

    I downloaded the Ribbon control that resides on I am trying to use this and am unable to as it errors out. I was wondering if there is any special rules for using this. I wouldn't think so but when I go to show the form that contains the Ribbon control, I provide a Try Catch...
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    Dynamically modifying an ASP Repeater Control column?

    I have an asp:repeater control on a form. It contains 4 columns. Based on a certain value as a result of a database read, the 4th column, needs to contain a button control else it will contain plain text. How do I this in the code-behind using VB.Net? The code that I have is below but it's not...
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    Opening and Reading a Web.Config file for connectionstring

    Can anyone show me a code snippent on how to open and read a Web.Config file and locate the connectionstring? Thanks,
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    VS 2003 and Panels question

    I have a VS 2003 Web app that I'm creating. I'm using a Panel control and I'm trying to apply a CSS class to this panel. However, when I try code the following statement <asp:Panel class="pnl2" runat="server"> it doesn't like the "class" attribute saying "could not find any attribute 'class'...
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    First time for this Error Message?

    I have a VB.Net app that generates quite a few Crystal Reports (that's the plan anyway). My problem is that I keep getting the attached error. This particular query uses 2 tables. I have some other reports (I just started developing them) that use only 1 table and they work fine. So, I'm...
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    Can't load file or assembly?

    I keep getting the following error message when I try and run a VB.Net app. This program, EBOLVendorReports, calls the DLLEbolFtp.DLL. I have recompiled the DLL and then recompiled the EBOLVendorReports that calls it and it still won't work. I have even tried rebooting my machine and it still...
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    How do you sort a Structure Array?

    I'm using VB.Net 2005. I have created a Structure Array that contains 7 fields. I am trying to figure out how to sort this thing and have no idea. I've been reading up on the Array.Sort function and I'm bombarded with Overloads. I just don't know how to set up the statement. Below is my code...
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    Crystal Reports Error ?

    My company has an application that utilizes Crystal Reports 11. This application runs on terminal servers and has recently been throwing the following exception. Please see the attachment. Has anyone ever received this error before. What causes it? Thanks,
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    Strong Assembly Name Error?

    Has anyone seen this error before and how can I correct it? Please see the highlighted line in the Error List of the attachment. Thanks,
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    Problems using RDO Redemption Object?

    I am using the Outlook Redemption Object library and having a difficult time in using the RDO Objects. All I'm trying to do is send multiple emails using email information from a .csv file. I've used the Redemption Objects before successfully but not the RDO Objects and the reason I need to use...
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    "Application validation did not succeed" Error

    have been having trouble publishing VB.Net 2005 applications due to an error when I try to execute a new version of an application. Most of our online apps are "Click Once" applications. The file everything keeps blowing up on is an Error Handling DLL that I wrote. It's in everyone of our .Net...
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    Anyone ever seen this error?

    I have been getting this error message whenever I release a new version of an application. This is a DLL that I developed and is called by every VB.Net 2005 application we have. The applications are Click Once apps and I have inserted this DLL into the "Reference" tab of the Project File. I...
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    Looping thru Directory/Subdirectory Structure

    I have an application in which it is supposed to open and search every file for a specified string. In other words if the starting path is "C:\", the program needs to loop thru every directory under C:\ and every subdirectory. How can I do this? Thanks,
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    Retrieving last row in databound DataGridView?

    I have a DataGridView that is bound to a dataset. What I wish to do is when the grid is loaded...I want the last row to be the selected row. I also need to declare an instance of the row but not sure how to reference the last row. This is what I have currently. Dim row As...
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    Searching entire computer for string?

    I need to write a quick & dirty simple application that will search my entire computer for a specified string of data. I need to code something like the following: For Each Directory on Computer For Each File in Directory Open File Read each line and search for String Next...
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    Setting Focus on a Field Dynamically?

    I have a form in which a number of different controls are created dynamically. They are primarily TextBoxes and ComboBoxes. As I create these controls dynamically, I count them as they are created. Therefore, I set the TabIndex of each control to the corresponding count. My question can...
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    Problems using FileListBox Control in VS 2005?

    I know we're not supposed to use the FLB in .Net, however, I have a specific need for it. I'm also having a slight problem with it. I have a form that contains a TAB Control. This Tab consists of 4 TagPages. One of these TabPages (the 4th one) has a FLB control on it. This control gets loaded...
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