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    Check mysql connection on startup

    Hi all. I'm developing app which use mySQL as backend. Now I set in connection string connection timeout=30s. That mean that app will try to connect to mysql in 30 seconds. After that if not connected I get error message Any of specified mysql hosts... But I think that is not exactly 30s...
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    PrintDocument size, print current page

    Hi all. How to print current page when select in printdialog control? And how to set size of printdocument to A4. I reading some posts where people say that size is depends on resolution? Is that true? Thanks.
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    Custom MessageBox buttons

    Hi all. Is here any way to "customize" MessageBox from to show different text on buttons OK,Cancel,Yes, NO etc.? MessageBox.Show(" Some text '" & Me.Text & "'?", "Close", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Question) Instead Yes No buttos show Yes of course and Not now. I know...
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    ZedGraph charting - time axis

    Hi all. Can someone help me to solve problem about time axis? On Y axis I need to show some values from microcontroler, and on X axis I need time values as "HH:mm". So on X axis I need time when data is collected from controller. That time is every 10 minutes, so the intervals on xaxis is...
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    Report control, mysql

    What report control do you use with mysql database? I know for CrystalReports,FastReport,Data-Reports.NET, but what is the best in work with mysql database? Thanks
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    Prindialog always print with default printer

    Hi all. I have problem when printing document. The code: If PrintDialog1.ShowDialog() = DialogResult.OK Then If clickedOnBtn1 Then PrintDocument2.Print() Else PrintDocument1.Print() End If End If But when I click on...
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    Vertical scroll prin preview dialog on mouse wheel?

    How to vertically scroll print priview dialog on mouse wheel event? Regards.
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    print dialog after press print button in printpreview dialog?

    Hi all. How can I achieve this? I need to show print dialog after pressing print button on print preview dialog. Thanks.
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    Modbus Tcp, how to read registers 0x,1x, etc.

    Hi all! Does someone have sample code to read modbus registers via tcp. I found some codes that use .net.sockets, but I don't know how to use it's functionality to read registers, one by one. Best regards, Milos
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    Serial port, continuously receiving data

    Hi all! I have serial port object which continuously receiving data from weighing device, which sends data in 0001450= format (8 Bytes). I read about datareceived event, and implement that, but i must use Thred.Sleep to get all data and read with serial.ReadExisting. Does the...
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