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    Question ASP..NEt Custom Masterpage & Inheritance

    Hi All Here is the situation..... I am working on multiple projects and want to create a shared master page. I wanted to do this by creating a class in a base assembly that all projects would reference and therefore this masterpage would exist. The reason for this is that I would like a...
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    export excel data to datagrid using openfiledialog

    At which point in the code is the exception being thrown?
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    Question OleDb Insert Into Excel .... forumla does not work

    Any at all? Still havent found a solution :mad: ....?
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    Question Nested Repeater

    Could you post the code that isnt working for you? If this was me, i would define the first repeater for the parent record and setup the template. One of the controls in the template should be another repeater for the child elements. When you bind data to the parent repeater, get the data for...
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    Question No Value given for One or more required parameters !!Urgent Help Needed

    Have you checked that you are passing all the required parameters to the update statement? Double check the number of items in teh select statement with the number you are passing to the update.
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    Reading an Excel spreadsheet into a dataGrid

    Are you using the oledb to read from excel? If so, then simply change the select statement to use only the columns you require.
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    Question OleDb Insert Into Excel .... forumla does not work

    Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Question ComboBox Issues

    Check the DataTextField property for the second drop down list. It currently reads StudentID which is the same as the DataValueField. Surely you would want this to show something else.
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    Question How to send email from SmtpServer

    Have you checked with the network admin to see if the mail is getting blocked or classed as spam? Also worth checking any firewalls on your machine... i know certain ones which stop mailing which have caused me problems, although i think that would cause an exception but its worth a try. the...
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    Question Overloading Enums

    Tom If you mean the intellisense doesnt work when you call the ReturnHash from other functions then could you try importing MyLibrary from the class you are calling it from. Or, how about declaring the enums outside of the hashing methods class...? Just a few thoughts. Nic
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    Question OleDb Insert Into Excel .... forumla does not work

    Hi All I have written a small applet ( 2010 express, target framework 3.5) and now i want to use Excel (2010) to run a couple of reports. I have used oledb to insert records into a sheet (called SiteInfo - mainly used for generic information in other sheets) which has the first row for...
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