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    Properties validation error

    yep, typo should be greater than... my code in user control is as follows: Private _valuesStart As Integer <Browsable(True), DefaultValue(0)> _ Public Property ValuesStart() As Integer Get Return _valuesStart End Get Set(ByVal value As Integer) If (value <...
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    Properties validation error

    Hi, I have a user control which exposes three properties that the user can change - ValuesStart, ValuesEnd, ValuesIncrement. The default values of these are 0, 100, 10 respectively. These are conditional in that ValueStart needs to be less than ValueEnd, ValueEnd less than ValueStart and...
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    Using a UITypeEditor collection in a smart tag

    Hi, I have a smart tag up and running for my user control but I also want to add a UITypeEditor collection editor to it as well. If I add the collection property to the smart tag in the usual way then I get the ellipse appearing as expected, then if you click on this you get the Collection...
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    Checking for similar duplicates

    Cheers for that, could be just what I'm looking for, I'm using SQL 2005 so will have to explore the SOUNDEX() function...
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    Checking for similar duplicates

    Hi, I have a web site where users enter company names to use in the rest of the app. However, recently I've noticed that similar duplicates are appearing, e.g. someone will enter EastTec Solicitors another will enter EastTec Solicitors Ltd someone else will enter EastTec Solictors (missed the...
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    Displaying animated gif in a picture box

    Hi, How do you display an animated gif in a picturebox on Windows Mobile 6? I have added a picturebox control and set it's image to an animated gif but it doesn't animate, it just shows the first frame... An I doing something wrong here? It works fine in a normal windows app... Cheers...
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    Quickest way of imported 100,000's of records

    Cheers, looks like the sqlbulkcopy is the fastest way then... About the SqlRowsCopied event, the app I am using is a web app, I take it that the SqlRowsCopied event is for windows forms and not web apps?
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    Quickest way of imported 100,000's of records

    Hi, I have created a web program that will import data into a SQL database. The data to be imported is just one field, but there will be hundreds of thousands to be imported at a time. At the moment I create a data table from the data in the file and then use the SqlBulkCopy command to insert...
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    Deployment project upgrade help

    Hi, I have a deployment project which works fine and installs my application with no problems. But I was wondering how do I go about installing patches? For example, I have just made some updates to my application and want to patch the version I installed. Also, the application contains a...
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    Question how to secure an .mdf file

    Hi, I have a program that I've written in VS2008 and I use a SQL database. I was just wondering, is there anyway that I can secure the .mdf file so that when I deploy the application people can't just attach the file in Management Studio and gain access to the database? Cheers, Lee.
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    XML and Dataset problem

    That's excellent, worked like a charm, didn't have a clue about the namespace property! Also that XSD.exe tool was brilliant, saved me a lot of typing! Cheers for your help...
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    XML and Dataset problem

    Hi, I have an xml file that I want to load into a dataset in Visual Studio 2008 that looks like - <MyData> <Employee> <Name></Name> <DOB></DOB> <Address></Address> </Employee> </MyData> If I simply create a dataset in code and call the ReadXML() method, it works as planned and the data...
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    window.status not working in FireFox

    Hi, I have an asp:hyperlink and an asp:ImageButton on a page and in each I add the following to the attributes to change the status bar text:- Attributes.Add("onmouseover", "javascript:window.status = 'Plan Summary';return true;") Attributes.Add("onmouseout", "javascript:window.status =...
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    GridView clickable bound CheckBox

    Hi, I have a gridview which is bound to a SQLDataSource. One of the bound fields is a CheckBox field. This displays ok, it is checked or unchecked depending on the value in the datasource, but it is greyed out, I can't click on the checkbox to change it's state. I want the users to be able to...
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    Multithreading problem?

    Hi, I have a windows forms program that uses docking windows. Now, when somebody logs in, I want to display a tool strip progress bar so that the user can see that the program is doing something as it can take a good few seconds for all the docking window layouts to load and then display. I...
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    XSL RSS feed help

    Hi, I have an rss feed from and use the following xsl file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!-- Edited by Lee Sykes DNN Creative Magazine --> <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"...
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    Property ReadOnly(true)

    Hi, I have a few properties that are displayed in the property window at design time. I've noticed that you can set a property to read only in code by doing, for example, [Browsable(true), ReadOnly(true)]. But what I want to do is that when one of my properties is changed to a certain value...
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    Help Files

    Hi, I have a windows program and was wondering what's the best way of providing help files? How do you do the compiled html help file pop up windows? Cheers.
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    dll help!!

    Hi, I have a windows program already written that has a base windows form called Mainscreen and about 15 other forms that are all either called from Mainscreen or from one of the other forms. I've been looking into ways of how to deploy this with the easiest way of supplying updates, and have...
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    How to provide software updates

    Cheers for your replies. I was thinking about using XML so that looks like the best way of going about it. I'll think I'll split the program up into loads of dll's first so that sections can be updated independently...
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