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    Mulitple forms - proper opening/closing of forms.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this post. I open a form from my main application for by the following method: Private Sub HoneywellToolStripMenuItem1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles HoneywellToolStripMenuItem1.Click Honeywell_Form_Open = True If...
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    Backing up datagridview for restore ability

    I use a datagridview to populate important data that may be accumulating for 6 months at a time. I would like to periodically back up the incoming data. If the system shuts off or similar, we can just restore the data. Since there might be thousands of rows and 11 columns, I hope to do this very...
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    Form open causing me to not be able to access other form

    This seems like a silly question - I have not sat down to work on this program in a month or so. When I open a specific form, it causes me to not be able to click the forms behind it. It flashes and will only let me use that one form until I close it. Any clues why???
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    Dynamically change icon appearance in menu strip

    I have a menu strip. In it, I would like to have the user select modes. These modes will rarely be changed. When they select a mode, I would like a dot or checkmark icon to appear in the menu strip by the item that is active. When the user switches modes, the icon will not appear and stay on the...
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    Getting selected datagridview items

    I have a datagridview with 11 columns and potentially thousands of rows. The user will sometimes need to make graphs from the data. I need to know which cells are selected. Surprisingly, the graph is easier than getting these selected items! Does anyone know how to do this? I would like to have...
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    How to insert menu bar tabs both vertical and horizontal?

    First off, I am not even sure menu tabs are a thing. I have (multiple) forms with many, many options. But I need these options consolidated or things get confusing. A really nice way to do this would be using items on a bar under my buttons on the top of the form. I already use the options for...
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    Can I tell if a button is currently being pressed? (real time)

    I use interrupt code for mouse down and mouse up actions for motor control. I simply use flags to control when to turn motor on or off. When a button is pressed down, I send a start motor command. When the button is released I send a stop motor command and the motor is stopped. I have protection...
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    Making new forms not have multiples open

    I have 5 or 6 forms in a program. Currently, each time the user opens a form, another copy of the same form is opened even if one copy is currently open. This cannot happen in my program and simply makes the program looks sloppy. How can I prevent this? Thx
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    Calculation (CRC) not giving expected result???

    I am calculating CRC for specific MCU. When calculating in C the answer comes out fine. When calculating in correct. See code for and C below. And one know what is going on??? Why are the two results not the same? uint32_t Data = 0x12345678 uint32_t Crc = 0xFFFFFFFF int i...
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    General question about synclock

    Thank to all for continuing to look over my posts. Everyone has been a great help. I have an array that I fill with data in my main class. I also have a global index tracking where I am at in my array. In another class, I decrement this index and use the information. The goal is simply to...
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    Serial port not recieving all bytes after first recieve event?

    I need to update a real time display with information for 7 bytes of data every 300ms or so. When receiving the seven bytes, I get all (correct) data for the first receive event. After the first receive event I usually I only receive 1 byte. Changing the threshold does not seem to help...
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    Trouble reconnecting COM port after disconnecting.

    Thanks for looking at my post. I initialize my port as follows shown below. everything works great. When the user disconnects thru my disconnect button, I can reconnect to the COM just fine. But when simply unplugging my usb cable, I cannot reconnect. I know I can still send data, but I can't...
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    Cannot access text box in form from timer interrupt event?

    Below is code for a very simple procedure. I enable a timer, every 50 ms I check if a flag in another form is set indicating to update some text boxes (text boxes hold data for motor controller) I am 100% sure that the algorithm is working correctly to the point where I write to the text box...
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    Anybody good with sorting algorithms?

    I output data to a user (current, voltage, temperature, etc) for motors. The user clicks radio buttons, etc. to select which data they want to see. I import data to a datagrid in my vb app and then have the option for the user to export this to excel. If the user selects voltage and temperature...
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    Saving configuration of current form/opening multiple others.

    Thanks for peaking at my post - and for letting me post numerous questions here! Its been a great help. I have a form with a bunch of text boxes, buttons, modes, etc. I need the user to be able to click "save as" and "save" and save a file (where ever they want) and after opening the main...
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    Program not working the same when compiling in .net 4.0 rather than 4.5

    Thanks for previewing my post. If someone can tell me how to restructure the following code so that it will work with 4.0, it would be great/ I have made the start of an application with VB.Net in visual studio 2012 express. Works great with windows 7, but I need it to work with xp. To do...
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    serialport send more than one byte?

    I am writing to a micro via usb using a virtual com port. I can send and receive data 1 byte at a time as shown below... 'Send "PAUSE" command Dim buffer() As Byte = {80, 65, 85, 83, 69, 13} mySerialPort.Write(buffer, 0, 1) mySerialPort.Write(buffer, 1, 2)...
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