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    Question Resize the ToolStripButton

    Hi, I have set the below properties for my Toolstrip in VB.NET AutoSize: false TooStripButton properties AutoSize: false DisplayStyle :ImageAndText TextImageRelation : ImageAboveText Text : Ledger At present, I get the image above the text 'Ledger' But the image is too small. Also, Image...
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    System.ArgumentException on filterClause.

    Hi My Requirement: Get the selected Month as '1','2',...'10','11' , etc from the list box. Query the dataSource for PurchaseDate in the month and display the resultant set in the table. I have my access table , with column PurchaseDate, in which the dates are like '1/10/2012', '11/1/2012'...
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    Select row from DataView querying with 'Date'

    Thank you Ian!!
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    Select row from DataView querying with 'Date'

    Hi I have a table which contains a date column called 'PurchaseDate' I have a list box which displays the months. When I click a month , I need to query the dataSource and collect the rows which have the purchase date in the 'SelectedMonth'. dv2 = New DataView(ds.Tables(0), "PurchaseDate LIKE...
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