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    Question Anyone familiar with RS232 port programming?

    Hello everybody, Previously I had written an application with VB6 that works with COM Ports via MSCommLib.MSComm. It works properly with COM1 as RS232 port and runs its codes perfectly. Lately I'm writing another application with VB.Net 2010 which needs to deal with RS232 port. Therefore I'm...
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    Question How to connect an electrical switch to my application via USB port?

    Hi guys, I've read articles about; "Sending and receiving data from RS232 or USB ports" or, "Using to switch on/off electrical devices", but conversely in my case I want to just using a simple electrical switch to do something in my application (via RS232 or USB port). For...
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    Cannot create ActiveX component Error

    Hi everybody, I'm not sure this post belongs to this section, if so I would apologize. I'm trying to get the computer description by computer name. The problem is; I get this error "Cannot create ActiveX component" when the following codes run, while the variable ComputerName sets to another...
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    Question Changing WebBrowser RightToleft

    Hello everybody, How could we change RightToLeft property of WebBrowser in Vb.Net. MSDN says; Does it mean there is no way to programmatically change it? Thank you.
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    Question Working with Excel

    Hello everybody. First of all I would apologise if this topic does not belong to this section of forum, for indeed I did not find its proper place. It's about Excel programming in VB.Net language. Anyway, perhaps you know that there is a set of components named "Access 2010 Database Engine"...
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    Question InstallShield 2010 Project Dependencies problem.

    Hi guys. Previously I used to deploy my VB6 products by Setup Factory program, and not only it had a "Scan Visual Basic Project" tool that completely recognized all of the project dependencies, but also I could add additional .dll and .com files with registration ability successfully. Now i'm...
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    Question ListView Items' Transparency Problem

    Hi .Net folks I have a ListView with a background image on my Form, which is related to an ImageList to show up pictures that exist in a folder as thumbnails. Everything works fine and ListView shows up thumbnails correctly. But when I try to use TransparentColor property of ImageList to remove...
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    Tip How to turn off "Improve microsoft visual studio performance" notification

    Hello everybody, Most of us have the VS icon with the tooltip "Improve microsoft visual studio performance" appear in our taskbar tray EVERY TIME we run VS 2010 RTM Ultimate. We cannot get rid of this!! Even if we set it to "hidden" in the start menu options the next instance of VS will bring...
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    Question Problem to read datas from VB6 random access files

    Hi folks I had a program in Vb6 years ago, which nowadays, naturally wanted to upgrade it to Vb.Net. Subsequently I tryed to upgrade its old archives and self-made data files, but on the spot I encountered to the challenge of read data from Vb6 random access files in Vb.Net! For ordinary...
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    Question FolderBrowserDialog Problem

    Hi everbody, I'm just wondering why VB.Net FolderBrowserDialog control have no event handler (same as SelectionChanged and etc.) to handle some events if necessary!:angryfire: The problem is unlike VB6 which we could handle events same as SelectionChanged in BrowseFF control to disable or...
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    Question DataGridView ComboBox Column.

    Hi everybody :cheerful: In a DataGridView one of the columns' type is DataGridViewComboBoxColumn. The question is: Which one of the events (in VB .NET 2010) exactly occures when we do select an item of a ComboBox on the DataGridView? Since CellEnter, CellClick, CellContentClick, CellEndEdit...
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    Question How do I get the new row ID in an access database table BEFORE insert the new row.

    Hi everybody. I'm programming with VB .NET 2010 and using a Microsoft Access Database file which is bound to my project as a Dataset. Now I want to know: BEFORE inserting a new row into my dataset table what will be the new ID number, or totally is it possible to know? Surely you know the...
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