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  1. kunal.kb

    Language Problem

    Hi All, I have an application in,in that application i have to show text in Arabic language. I am developing the application in visual studio 2003, e.g. A button....i am putting Button1 as the text of the button in the Text property. while displaying it on the page i have to show it...
  2. kunal.kb

    Dynamic Loading of validation Controls

    i have a datagrid..which is editable... there is an Edit button.When i click that button the columns of the datagrid are transformed into textboxes... now i want to add RequiredFieldValidator for those text boxes.... i don't know how to do it.... please help me.....
  3. kunal.kb

    Help needed for VS.NET 2005

    i have a gridview.... i am storing a value in a column... i want that column to be hidden... but when i make it visible=false....value is not getting filled in that column... i want value to be in that column but not visible.... any one knows how to do this....
  4. kunal.kb


    Hello all.. i am using Visual Studio2005...(asp.net2.0) and Microsoft Application Blocks.. i am trying to deploymy application on a web hosting site.... when i log in and go to menu page i get some *** error.... i am putting Error description please help me out...i have been banging my head...
  5. kunal.kb

    HELP for MENU

    hello ppl...... i need help for menu click...... i have created a menu dynamically..... now i am not able to capture the cilck event of menu item... i want to capture the value of the menu item..and according to this value the page will be redirected....... can some one help me......
  6. kunal.kb

    page load

    hello all... in my aspx.vb file the page load event is getting called twice.... on that form i have a in the datagrid is coming from database... the page has a table,in that table the controls are added at run time(dynamic).... can any one tell me why the page load is getting...
  7. kunal.kb

    array of session variables

    I want to pass 3 parameters as session but the main problem is that the value of the session variable and their names are stored in to array 'TASK PARAMETERS Dim arr As String = CType(oNavValue.Tables(0).Rows(0) ("task_param"), String) Dim arr2() As String = arr.Split("$") 'SESSION VARIABLES...
  8. kunal.kb

    Help for DATAGRID

    hello, i am stuck up with some strange problem..... i have database table in which i am storing values for roles assigned for perticular user... now while retriving,(i am going to use a Datagrid...) the problem is that....i have stored values as "TBU" for Trade Back Office User "CU" for...
  9. kunal.kb


    i want to call OnTextChanged event (textbox autopostback event) by using javascript function any one knows how to do it?
  10. kunal.kb

    deployment related problem

    hello all i am trying to deploy project( web pages.)........ i have tried both the methods xcopy and setup.... the project is working fine on the local machine...... but it is giving errors regrding Global.asax file.... plus my pages has got header and footer... i am getting error called...
  11. kunal.kb

    .net application

    i have web pages created on one machine..... i want to run those pages on other machine where .NET Framework is not installed.... tell me is it possible to run .net applications on machine where .Net Framework is not installed..... its very urgent....
  12. kunal.kb

    deleting cookies

    hello i am loaading a html page... now i want to write some vbscript/javascript which will delete the previous cookies and clear history....... automatically.... is it possible? if yel tell me how
  13. kunal.kb

    Validation of Dynamic controls

    i am creating some text boxes dynamically..... now i want to validate them for "blank,not a number" tell me how to do.... can any one help ?
  14. kunal.kb

    Input string was not in a correct format.

    can any one help me..... i am getting an error "Input string was not in a correct format. " i have created a stored procedure.... passing the parameters but while "SqlCmd.ExecuteNonQuery()" this error comes..... i checked the data types...... but i don't know why this error is coming... plz...
  15. kunal.kb

    array list

    any one plz help me how to assign values to a arraylist using datareader
  16. kunal.kb

    dynamic controls

    hello all can any one help me..... i am creating dynamic text boxes in a table in a webform...... now i want to use those textboxes to insert data into database..... but i am not able to get the id of the text box......... can any one tell me how to get the id of that text boxes
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