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  1. ProtekNickz

    Question Create a exe from within my own APP

    Hi I was woundering if I could from within my own windows app at the click of a button create a executable? with code from with in a module.
  2. ProtekNickz

    Question Need help in saving new adjusted image to File

    Hi their :), I'm writing a small program that saves the Current background image to file once i have drawn on it too, here's what it does : once i draw on previous image loaded in picturebox, the program then resizes it and save it at my chosen format, Code Bellow. Dim bm As New...
  3. ProtekNickz

    Question Need Help With GUID in Registry

    Hi all, im workin on a task that will get the current computers Default Gatway, So i chose the easiest option, using the Registry, in most cases i find this with no problem at all, here's the code im using right now, Public sHost As String = My.Computer.Registry.GetValue _...
  4. ProtekNickz

    Question Need Help With: Storing Multiple Strings in My.Settings

    First of all Hi :), My problem is storing multiple string in the my settings to clarify more on this ill try explaine as best as i can, 'I set my value like so Dim strSettings As New My.MySettings 'On the form load i use this Dim itemz As New ListViewItem itemz.Text =...
  5. ProtekNickz

    Question Need help with login to my router Locally

    hi, this is just a project im working on for myself, now i use to do somthing simlet to this using "VB6" with "winsock raw socket" which was really ideal to use as i liked the way you could program a whole protocol around it, now i'm not sure if the best way is to use "webclient" for this or...
  6. ProtekNickz

    Question Need Help with Microphone Active Levels Display?

    I have got the program to record from the microphone and save it, while this works fine, what im trying to figure out is when the program is recording the voice of the user i would like it to display this in a ProgressBar to show the input moving up and down and the user speaks? any help would...
  7. ProtekNickz

    Question write a VIDEO Encoder?

    Hi, i know this may be a tought one for some peeps but here goes's i would like to write my own Name.dll file, which i know how to but... , I want to write a VIDEO Encoder and what i wanted to know is whats the best path for this? do i use VB.NET Visaul Basic or VS C++ or C#? also any info...
  8. ProtekNickz

    Question Web Search Result?

    Hi their i aint been on here in a while due to moving house ect.., Down to buisness, im working on a WebSearch kind of tool, which is easy to implement ect.. but what i'm trying to do is when the program has finished the search it Displays how i want it, meaning change the text positioning...
  9. ProtekNickz

    Question MAC Address and Enable/Disable Network adapter Local use only

    :o Hi, i new here so be gentle lol, Im trying to Get the mac of the local computer(s) on a network and Enable/Disable the Connectiong adapter that is UP (In use), i know i can do this with the system as it stands and for a while i've used a *.bat file to do this for me but not i want a more...
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