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  1. thejeraldo

    crystal reports xi parameters with photo

    hi guys. im trying to create an employee record with picture as a report. im saving the picture to the database by its path. im showing the picture on the report using a picture then using the path from the database field. my problem is. i cannot seem to pass a parameter from to my...
  2. thejeraldo

    [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

    i get this error: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied. i used to work with my project at home and everything is working fine but when i ran the project at work this error showed up. dont know whats causing it. im sure i changed the server name...
  3. thejeraldo

    help please on a report

    i use typed datasets in my project. but i want to use this typed datasets in my reports. how do i do that? i think i did that already but now i cant, i forgot how i did it. any help will be much appreciated. thanks.
  4. thejeraldo

    chart printing

    well i dont know where to post this but... i have an MS Chart control on my form. and i want to print that it is printed in the whole paper (8.5 x 11). i can print it but my problem is i dont know how to print it for the whole page, puting chart1.pagesetup too doesnt help too. thanks
  5. thejeraldo

    MS Chart Printing

    Dont know if this is the right section to write this thread on but i would like to ask anybody how to first show the printpreview dialog and then the PRINT dialog when using MSCharts PrintingManager..thanks!
  6. thejeraldo

    MSCharts to Crystal Reports

    any way to show my MS Charts on a Crystal Report Viewer?
  7. thejeraldo

    2 database? one local and one on server.

    can i have like two databases? one from the server which will be the main database and the other one will be on local that will be on the users computer? im using MS SQL Server 2005 on the server.
  8. thejeraldo

    images on buttons gone??

    i have a problem.. some of the images on the buttons are gone, some are not.. tried setting the image through code and or by property in design view but still no good. it happens in toolstripbuttons too.
  9. thejeraldo

    Build Output Path [Please Help]

    guys please help me.. here is my situation: i have a button on my toolstrip and it has an image on it. first it was looking fine and without any problems. then all of a sudden when i debug the proj the image is not shown but the other buttons that have an image are OK. i even tried putting the...
  10. thejeraldo

    crystal report database fields blannk

    i have a report that has database fields.. if all of the fields has values the report is show without problem. but if one field is blank from the database then others will not show up as well. im passing a parameter by but i dont seem to understand why other fields will not show if only...
  11. thejeraldo

    set image location of picture control

    guys how do i set the image that will appear on a picture control from a specified path? i need this on my report because the picture field in my table contains only the path. thanks
  12. thejeraldo

    UserPasswords2 help

    ok here is my scenario. i need my users to automatically have access to a network computer that has a password. i want this process to be hidden to them. i found out that one way to to this is by going to "Control UserPasswords2" by typing it at Run. what i need is somewhat of a code that will...
  13. thejeraldo

    folder path?

    hey guys, i added a folder in my project by using the solution explorer. now i want to include a couple of images there that i can use as a default image for my app. in my app i have a picture box which will: show a 'default pic' if the person doesnt have a picture yet. show an 'error pic' if...
  14. thejeraldo

    auto sort specific column datagridview

    how do i automatically sort a specific column of a datagridview ascendingly? i just want my datagridview to sort automatically on a particular column everytime it fills up again. thanks a lot! :)
  15. thejeraldo

    stored procedure>cmd>datagridview

    oh well i thought i wouldnt ask for this in this forum but since ive spent like a couple of hours figuring out how to do this and came out of nothing.. well now im asking: how do execute a stored procedure using a command and then put the results of it in say a dataset? im just learning how to...
  16. thejeraldo

    crystal reports typed dataset

    hey guys simple question here. i have my database connection using OLEDB and i use typed datasets. anybody know a tutorial on creating reports on crystal reports using typed datasets?? thanks guys..
  17. thejeraldo

    try catch problem - help pls

    guys please help me on my error handling.. im kinda confused with this try catch thing in yes i can catch exceptions but i wanna be able to catch exceptions specifically. like when a user entered an employee id that already exists. i want to do this so the users can understand the error...
  18. thejeraldo

    textbox databinding (which is better?)

    uhm.. which is a better method to use in databinding? textbox.text = dataset.tables(0).rows(0).item(0).tostring or textbox.databindings.add("text",dataset.tables(0)."employeename") ??? thanks...
  19. thejeraldo

    memory leak? serious one! need help pls.

    guys i need serious help/advice here.. im not yet done with my proj but i made a setup proj for it to test and see its memory consumption. for now it only has two forms that has an oledbconnection, uses datasets and dataadapters.. it consumes 44,000+K. when i switch to another form it adds up...
  20. thejeraldo

    detect changes to dataset?

    is there anyway where i can detect a change in my data before saving them. my program would kinda go like this for example: say i have a textbox. if i change the value of the textbox, i want my program to detect a change so it lets the user know that changes have been made to the data so they...
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