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    Antivirus Scan When Opened?

    Hi so I am making an antivirus in and I wanted to get the context menu thing to scan with my AV, but now I have that part of the code but I don't know how to make my antivirus scan the file that was right clicked on. I would basically need to start a scanning module to the file that was...
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    Download Text File And Keep Strings?

    Hi im trying to download a text file which has multiple lines but this happens: Text file hi line1 hi line2 But when i download it looks like this hi line1hi line2 i tried using & vbcrlf but it didnt work here is my code: On Error Resume Next System.IO.File.Delete("viruslist.txt")...
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    starting Mpress process

    Hi tim trying this code: Process.Start(Application.StartupPath & "\mpress.exe", Application.StartupPath & "\encrypted.exe") in order to use mpress u have to execute a program with it physically u just drag it to mpress.exe but i want to do it in its not working please help me.
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    List All *.exe In %TEMP%

    I have this code so far: dim textbox1 as new textbox textbox1.text = & "\*.exe" This works in scripts but its not working in, i googled but didnt find an answer can someone please help me?
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    Edit Resources In EXE

    So I have A Stub in my resources its called stub.exe I want to add code.txt to the stub.exe without corrupting it, how may I do this?
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    RC4 Encryption

    Hi I started getting interested in encryption in VB.Net sohere is an RC4 function: [Lua] rc4 - also how can I create my own RC4 function are there some rules I have to follow I know there is software to create it for you but I want to make my own, any help appreciated.
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    add text in between lines?

    how can i add text to a textbox in this way between each string in a normal textbox? hi added text dhhdhd added text
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    Kill All Processes with same name

    Ok so i have this md5 scanner antivirus ive been working on and i wanted to add a process killer but some viruses have persistent processe which reappear and its annoying! Is there any way in VB.Net to lets say kill all procs with serv* or haha etc. Thanks,
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    Textbox in Msgbox?

    Hi I want to ask the user for some input at form load and I have been searching for a way to display a textbox in a mesaggebox, I know this is possible in vbscript but is it in VB.Net? I may just create a custom dialog though...
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    open a vb6 project in vb2012?

    Hi is there any way to open a vb6 project in vb2012 i downloaded a source form internet and cant open it
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    Save Picturebox1 + button1 as image?

    Hey guys, i am making a button maker to learn about img formats i already got down the part of saving the picturebox, but is there any way to save the button with imagebox as a picture?
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    Connection Between Forms On Different Computers?

    Im working on a desktop sharing application, i already know how to capture screen frames and display on picturebox, also im learning how to use winsocket, but is it possible to make a connection lets say you type the persons ip which you want to conect to, then they must have the app installed...
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    Script to exe?

    Hey guys can anyone get me started on how to convert a script to an executable? also how do you generate exes in vb?:welcoming:
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    Error in my application DomainUpDown and Integer

    unhandled exception has ocurred... cannot convert start value type "integer" limit value of type domainupdown and step value of type integer to a common numeric, how do i fix this help is apreciated thanks. my program helps the user create passwords here is the code which isnt wokring: Public...
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    Testing HTML

    How can I import and load an html file to webbrowser1?
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    Rebuilding Icon Cache?

    How do you call up a function to rebuild the icon cache in VB.Net, thanks.
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    delete win32 file?

    Hello I need info on how to delete a win32 file in (admin permission needed) im not trying to make a virus im making a program that fixes your icon cache, but to do this you need to get rid of thumbs.db which is located in win32 and i have gotten an app error when trying to accomplish...
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    Processes and services?

    Hi, I need to show the following info about processes in my app, number of processes running number of services active physical memory help is appreciated thanks.
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    Internet Info ?

    Hello I am developing an application in VB.Net 2012 and i need to show the following info from the internet connection: internet connection name signal strength security type radio type SSID any help would be appreciated, thank you for your time.
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    How to loop a timer

    i have a progressbar and i want my timer to do this continuosly until application is closed. ProgressBar1.Increment(+15) ProgressBar1.Increment(-10)
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