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  1. ALX

    Forms controls sizing issue

    It seems no matter how long I do this stuff, I continually get hung up on the ridiculously small stuff. Here's the only code on a simple form that is supposed to set the width of a panel (Panel1) to be 30 pixels less than the width of the form and center it. (15 pix on each side of the...
  2. ALX

    Temporary online data storage

    'Need a little advice... I'm preparing an MVC web site that will accept user input such as Name, E-Mail, Date, Payment Amount and a unique User ID. From my site the user is redirected to PayPal to handle a secure transaction and return all variables back to my site. I began thinking I'd need...
  3. ALX

    Question Image swap from DropDownList

    This is some HTML & Javascript for changing an image based on the users' selection in a drop-down List Box. I would like to accomplish the same thing without using Javascript. This snippet is in a View within an MVC. Is there a way this can be done through HTML exclusively or maybe replace the...
  4. ALX guidance for a newbie

    I need some guidance: I have an app that will be available for download from the internet, initially as a trial version. If / when the user decides to purchase the app for use beyond the trial period, they would link to my website to fill in a brief form and the server should return a unique...
  5. ALX

    Answered Debug very slow...

    Something happened during my most recent build of a project that coincided with the time the latest VS2019 update came available. After the update, all debug stepping through the code was barely moving along. Where I used to click through the code as quickly as I could hit the mouse button, I...
  6. ALX

    Answered Disposing objects ?

    I know I'll get chastised for my method here, but that is precisely why I come to this forum. I appreciate being corrected and I can't think of another way to do this ... One form initiates another small form that is a very small window on top of the main form and is used as a very transient...
  7. ALX

    Answered MS License for Community editions

    'Getting close to deployment, in which I'd like to make an app available for sale online, I've started looking more closely at Microsoft's License terms for the VS Community edition. The license states: 1. INSTALLATION AND USE RIGHTS. a. Individual License. If you are an individual working on...
  8. ALX

    Resolved Non-Modal form not showing ?

    Here's something that caused me to lose hours of coding time while head scratching & fist pounding, and although I've found the culprit, I still don't know WHY it is an issue. After making a massive jump from VS2008 to VS2019 Community, I ran into this issue that didn't exist in previous...
  9. ALX

    Releasing resources

    Here's another beginner's question from someone who's been doing this long enough to know better... When we talk about disposing objects to free up used resources, is it possible that some undisposed resources could continue to take up memory after the program application has closed?
  10. ALX

    Properly Using Dispose

    I apologize for asking such basic questions. There are things that get missed when you learn this stuff from a book without any formal guidance. You folks ARE my formal guidance. So this question has to do with using Dispose to avoid locks on files and memory leaks. bmp = New...
  11. ALX


    Are there any performance benefits to using My.Resources.Resources to load bitmaps as opposed to Image.FromFile
  12. ALX

    Question .NET Framework version

    If you were to deploy a desktop app and wanted to reach the largest share of users in the general population, what Framework version would you target. My thinking is I should use 4.0 so I can include those users who are still on XP. I'm assuming (and welcome being corrected) that 4.0 would also...
  13. ALX

    Question McAfee says this site is dangerous ?

    I've been depending on this web site for years. Now, when I try to access, I get a warning from McAfee telling me that this is a dangerous web site. I had to disable McAfee to get this far. What gives ???
  14. ALX

    Question scroll PrintPreviewDialog

    It's possible that I'm trying to the impossible once again. My app has many panels and images that are too large for most displays, so of course I provide scroll bars, and every one of them has been given the ability to scroll up or down with the mouse wheel. All except for a PrintPreviewDialog...
  15. ALX

    Question Need some help with trigonometry

    I apologize for not paying better attention in trig class back in the 60's. Yes, I am that old ! I need help determining how to adjust the X and Y coordinates of an image that has been rotated to move the image to the Left, Right, Up or Down. The image is in a Picture Box and may have been...
  16. ALX

    Question YouTube to MP3

    I've been using those online sites to download some tunes from YouTube. These are the apps where you enter the URL of the YouTube video and the program extracts and allows you to download the audio portion of that feed. I'd like to create such a program for my personal use rather than use these...
  17. ALX

    Control MouseWheel Scrolling

    I'm trying to limit the number of rows that are scrolled with each mouse wheel indent on a Data Grid View as it displays thumbnail bitmaps. The standard 3 rows is disorienting for the user and I'd like it to resemble Windows Explorer when scrolling through thumbnails at 1 row per indent. I've...
  18. ALX

    Corel Photo Paint (.cpt) thumbnail

    I'm trying to find out the format for .cpt files that are produced with Corel Photo Paint so I can extract a thumbnail bitmap from these files. Windows can do it, as it displays Corel's .cpt files as thumbnail icons in Windows Explorer, so I assume it's not proprietary information. The version...
  19. ALX

    Copying a hidden form

    I have a form class "A" that uses a different form class "B" that is hidden. From time to time, form A will take a snapshot of form B and display it, in a reduced bitmap format, within form A. This all works great except that I need to show form B initially before I can copy it's contents to a...
  20. ALX

    resize other form after form resize

    I can get hung up on the simplest stuff. I've got a base form class that contains one of many other form classes that are added to the base form's controls collection and anchored to the boarders of the base form. When the base form is resized, the child form resizes along with the base form...
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