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    Question gridview with multiple tables

    I'm trying to run a query on a oracle database using a join or union or multiple tables. Store that information into a reader then bind it to a dataset and fill a gridview. I might be going about this all wrong but it works with a single table, just not when I query two tables I make my...
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    Question Executenonquery in a loop

    Ok. I know I'm missing something easy here but for the life of me I haven't found an answer to this. I make a ODBC connection to my database and I have 13 tables that I need to delete data from based on a column (called JOB_ID) in the table. When I run the code on a single table it works...
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    Question ViewState help

    Hi folks, newbie here, apologies in advance if my terminology is wrong :D. Been using this forum for a bit to answer my questions via the search function while I learn some VB and ASP but I've got something I just can't wrap my mind around I have a webpage with a form. I'm using a keyed in...
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