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    How to properly make a thread wait for Events

    I'm thinking of using the EventWaitHandle class to make a thread wait until custom events are raised. However I have never used it before and I could use some suggestions. Can somebody please tell me what the difference is between using Dim ewh As EventWaitHandle ewh = New...
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    Listening to Events with Script

    Hey everyone, I am curious to know whether or not it is possible to use a script to listen to listen for an event. To be more specific I am trying to monitor Excel for certain events to take place, and when they do I need to write data to a port over a remote server. My first thought is to run...
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    MemoryStream.WriteTo(FileStream) Question

    I am currently trying to write a memory stream to a file by using the following method: MemoryStream.WriteTo(FileStream). At least this is what I found online. However I don't know how to initialize FileStream or use it properly. To be quite honest, I'm not sure exactly what MemoryStream does...
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    Creating animated GIFs...?

    Hey Everyone, I am looking to create some functionality that will create GIF animations of whatever is happening on my desktop. The animation doesn't need to be long, maybe 6 seconds at the most. I have done some research on the subject and have various code snippets here and there but nothing...
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    Secure way to share view of desktop?

    Are there any security risks with TeamViewer for Windows 10? I haven't used TeamViewer yet, but I want to use it to share the view of my desktop to teach somebody some programming concepts. However, is there any risk that TeamViewer can be used maliciously on the other end to take control of my...
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    What does VS do when testing code?

    When you click the "Play" button in VS to test your code does it write to the registry to do so?
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    How can you tell if a DLL file has been registered?

    How can you tell if a DLL file has been registered? I am looking at registering a DLL for use in Excel. It is a third party DLL created for a CAD application. As it is, Excel cannot reference the DLL so my guess is that means it isn't registered. Also, can any .NET Class library (DLL) be...
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    Using .NET remoting in an Excel Workbook?

    Hey Everyone,  I am hoping that somebody can steer me in the right direction here. I have been utilizing an application I built in Visual Studio that does some remoting between Excel (client) and another application. It utilizes the Worksheet Selection Change event to send data to the server...
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    What to do when an API dosen't offer a solution?

    I am wondering on what the alternatives are when a particular API does not offer the solutions you need? I understand that this is probably problem specific to any particular API so it might be hard to say generally, but in any case, how would you workaround a problem if the API does not have...
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    Need help making a Windows Form App

    Hello, everyone. I have some basic knowledge of VB.Net and some experience here and there making some different apps. Nothing fancy. However, I really need some help putting together a windows form app. I was trying to accomplish a specific task using a console app. I am designing an excel...
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