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    Resize images in a doc file

    Hello, Finally an answer, thank you. I will use Microsoft Office and not open office. I have tried to look for some tutorial online but could not find anything :(
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    Resize images in a doc file

    Hello, I would like to resize all the images in a doc file. The images are all small and I need to make them as big as the A4 paper. Thus, one image per page. Any help how to get me started? I have no clue. See attached pictures to understand better what I would like to do Thank you in...
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    Pausing and Resuming Download

    Hi, I created a downloader which works pretty fine. I would like to implement the possibility to pause and resume the download. How can I do that? I have been looking around and found that it is possible to do with webrequest add range. I just can't figure out how to deal with with. I checked...
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