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    How to assign a variable to a Checkedlistbox

    What is "_PID" ? It's also a good to know that adding things to a CheckedListBox, ComboBox, & ListBox will call .ToString() on each item that shows in the list. If you're adding your own class be sure to Override the ToString() function so you can control what text shows in those controls.
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    parameter must be positive and < height

    Then you should be able to answer jmc's questions:
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    Combining multiple sql tables into one

    That's not at all what I suggested. Your query will be something like this: Select a.[Field1] ,a.[Field2] ,a.[Field3] Into [dbo].[YourNewTable] From ( Select [Field1] ,[Field2] ,[Field3] From [dbo].[Table1] Union Select [Field1] ,[Field2]...
  4. JuggaloBrotha

    Combining multiple sql tables into one

    Create a query, then copy it and paste it the multiple times you need it and put the word "Union" between them, be sure to do and Into NewTableName so it's all saved to a new table.
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    Label index property

    I created a form and added 3 labels to it then paste this code: Option Explicit On Option Strict On Option Infer Off Friend Class Form1 Private m_LabelsList As List(Of Label) Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Load m_LabelsList = New List(Of...
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    Label index property

    Control arrays in the form designer isn't something .Net has ever supported as it's not needed. If you really need to do a control array you can add the labels to the form then create a List(Of Label) variable and in the form's Load event set the List to a new instance and populate it with the...
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    Question Debugging

    Yes, when you open the VS2003 project in VS2019 it will do an upgrade process on it (keeping an original copy as a backup for you too).
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    Form Position on screen

    My guess would be the first project you created a WinForms application and for the 2nd project you created a Console application, when you create a project you choose what type of program it's going to be (WinForms, Console, WPF, ASPX, etc). To "fix" it you would need to create a new one, then...
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    how to remove a line return from IO.StreamReader a excel.csv data file

    I believe an "Alt + Enter" line break in an Excel cell is simply a LineFeed (LF) character which is Char(10) if I remember correctly. If you replace the LF with String.Empty when you do the ReadLine() call it should resolve your issue.
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    Need Some Pointers on Performing a Simple Calculation Using a Function in C#

    Given that pretty much anything you can do in C# you can also do in and both compile to the same intermediate language anyways, what's the reason(s) for migrating to C#?
  11. JuggaloBrotha

    Question How to conflict time?

    Might want to have a look here: c# - Algorithm to detect overlapping periods - Stack Overflow I know it's in C# but the code from it is super easy to understand for you to mimic in
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    Help For ConnectionString Unicode

    I believe you need to add "Character Set=utf8;" to your connection string: Me.IDsTableAdapter.Connection.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=|DataDirectory|\DataBaseApp.mdb;Persist Security Info=True;Character Set=utf8;Jet OLEDB:Database...
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    Question Trying to use the INSERT INTO Query Statement

    Do you have the MaxLength property set on the controls on your form (textboxes) to match the max size of the database columns?
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    How to print textbox value to thermal printer?

    Have you looked up how to do printing in .Net? There are hundreds of examples and tutorials, all you really need to do is find one you can understand and be sure to set the paper size and margins for the thermal printer/paper.
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    Question How to change button control tags & tooltip info at runtime?

    When you click on an item in the TreeView you change a couple of controls on your form, at least a Label and Textbox towards the top, that tells me you have code that does a lookup of what's selected in the TreeView to know what values to set those control's Text property to. You'd do the same...
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    Question How to change button control tags & tooltip info at runtime?

    Setting the tag property is easy, instead of .Text = "" it's .Tag = "" Setting the tooltip isn't difficult either, you call the SetToolTip() function on your form's ToolTip control, you pass it the control you want the tooltip changed on followed by the text you want it to say. For example...
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    Question Need Help on start form on second screen

    As jmc has already stated you need to change the form's StartPosition to Manual before setting the location values, otherwise it's ignored: Dim SecondMonitor = Screen.AllScreens.FirstOrDefault(Function(x) Not x.Primary) If SecondMonitor IsNot Nothing Then Dim NewLocation =...
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    Form Event problem

    If you look in the list of events for a Form you'll notice there's a GotFocus and a LostFocus that I think you're looking for.
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    Routing table

    If you're stuck on getting the client's IP address here's this:Imports System Imports System.Web Module IP Function GetIPAddress() As String Return GetIPAddress(New HttpRequestWrapper(HttpContext.Current.Request)) End Function Friend Function GetIPAddress(ByVal request As...
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    Question SQL Update Query issue

    First thing I see is you say you want to do an update query but your code shows an insert query. It looks like you have the start of code for an update query, but it's commented out so I don't know if that's where you need help or not. Can you please specify.
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