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  1. JuggaloBrotha

    Question Amazon S3 SDK, add mutlithreading to file upload

    I'm using the Amazon S3 SDK for .Net and have gotten the large file uploading to work by following their documentation: Upload a File - Amazon Simple Storage Service The SDK can be gotten for free using NuGet, which is built into VS2015. Basically what it does is has you loop the source file...
  2. JuggaloBrotha

    Resolved View members?

    Neil I noticed today that since the v4.x upgrade there's still no "View Members" area on here, is that something v4.x can even do? Or did you disable it or something? Happy New Years too!
  3. JuggaloBrotha

    VS2010 Setup & Deployment project

    For my .Net desktop apps I usually create an MSI installer (I create a 2nd project in my solution, a Setup & Deployment project) and I zip the setup.exe file with the <appname>.msi files together and put them up for download on my site. The installer will go through the process of asking where...
  4. JuggaloBrotha

    Sql Server 2005, recreate process activity monitor

    I've got a Sql Server 2005 server that I monitor 4 critical jobs that run each morning and I've noticed that process activity monitor (see pic below) has almost all of the info I need for this: But there's 2 things I don't like about it: It doesn't show the sql (a preview of it at least) for...
  5. JuggaloBrotha

    Question VS2010 Cascade forms, large ones in back

    I've got a collection of a type of form and multiple of these can be displayed on the screen independently at the same time and now I'm wanting to add the ability to cascade these forms, but these forms can all be re-sized so it'll be very rare when they are of the same or similar size. I would...
  6. JuggaloBrotha

    Resolved VS2010 WinForms App connect to dll on webserver

    I have a desktop WinForms app that I would like to be able to connect to my Sql Server database that I have through my GoDaddy webhost. Problem is not all ISP's forward the 1433 port (like mine) so I can't connect directly to the DB from any of my home computers without buying the expensive...
  7. JuggaloBrotha

    VS2010 WinForms Labels

    I have a project where I need some help with the Winform's label control. I have a label that displays text kinda like a title to something (autosize = false, TextAlignment = MiddleCenter) and whenever the label control isn't wide enough to display the single line of text it tries to auto-wrap...
  8. JuggaloBrotha

    Resolved VS2010 Check if Object is a Color

    I'm curious to know if there's a good way to see if an object is a System.Drawing.Color before I try casting it to one. Right now it seems the only way I can do that is to put it in a Try/Catch block and if it hit's the catch part then I know the object isn't a color. Here's my code so far...
  9. JuggaloBrotha

    VS2008 WebResponse 500 Internal server error.

    I'm trying to make a webpage that get's a url from another web page (this other webpage works fine in a browser, both IE and FF) but when I make the webrequest call the returned page is a 500 internal server error. Here's the code:Imports System.Net Imports System.IO Partial Public Class...
  10. JuggaloBrotha

    Resolved VS2008 SetParent and Opacity

    I've recently gotten over the hurdle of a Borderless form that doesn't show in the Taskbar to not be hidden when the user clicks the Show Desktop button in windows by using the SetParent API to make the windows all children of the desktop, but now I can't change the Opacity of the form, it...
  11. JuggaloBrotha

    Resolved Prevent a form from being minimized

    I've got this little 'Sticky Notes' type of application and the form I have is a borderless, taskbarless form and for Windows 2000 compatability I'm using VS 2008 and targeting the 2.0 framework. One of the hurdles I have is that in XP, Vista & 7 when you click the Show Desktop button all of my...
  12. JuggaloBrotha

    Resolved Dataset and Sql Stored Proc return value

    I'm working on an app that will use a few stored procedures in the Sql Server 2008 database. I've created the stored procedures and they all return either a 1 if they succeed or a -1 if they fail & Management studio displays the values returned just fine when I run them. On the side...
  13. JuggaloBrotha

    Forum's css

    What's up with the page layouts lately? I've noticed a couple of times lately that the css file(s) weren't seeming to load at all and today everything's pushed down 4 inches.
  14. JuggaloBrotha

    VS2008 Master page, scroll only the content

    I have a master page file that every page on the site uses (they all simply fill in the content). Here's the master page's aspx: <form id="form1" runat="server" class="top_tall"> <%--header --%> <div id="header" style=" position: relative; z-index: 2; "> <div...
  15. JuggaloBrotha

    VS 2008 Show NUD with Inches mark

    What would be the easiest way to have a NumericUpDown control showing a double quote " after the value? It's to represent a distance in inches. From MS Word:
  16. JuggaloBrotha

    Resolved The new windows live

    So MS pushed it out via MS Updates last week and I had it installed automatically (of course). Right off the bat I see that it's not really a messenger anymore, they've pushed the buddy list off to the side and cramped it down to make room for the app being a webbrowser now, what's up with...
  17. JuggaloBrotha

    Resolved VS2008 Create Bitmap to certain PPI

    I'm trying to create an image for printing and I know what the dimensions of the image (Bitmap object) is supposed to be in Inches but the Bitmap uses pixels so how would I define it's size to the number of pixels per inch? I do know what the printer's DPI is too, I'm able to get the horizontal...
  18. JuggaloBrotha

    Resolved VS2008 Change boolean after printdocument is rendered

    I'm using the PrintPreviewDialog and am wondering how I can change a boolean variable after the PrintDocument has been rendered in the dialog window. I found out that using the dialog's Shown event fires before the PrintDocument has been rendered so the boolean gets changed before the...
  19. JuggaloBrotha

    Resolved VS2008 DrawString within bounds of Rectangle

    I have this code where I'm wanting to draw text inside a defined rectangle and if it's too wide I want it to be slit onto multiple lines and if it's too tall, I was it to only paint what it can which right now it's not cutting it off it continues on below the bottom border. Here's my code:Dim...
  20. JuggaloBrotha


    It's hard to tell when there are unread PM's or other notifications, the # just blends in up at the top. I checked the forum for new posts and whatnot 3 times in the last 12 hours and have only now happened to see that I had 2 PM's today when I viewed my profile, I didn't even see that I had...
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