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  1. Chieng Sisovin

    Khmer Culture-Country Problem on Windows XP

    Hi, I have a problem on calling Custom Culture for Multiple-language Calendar Display, some have language culture build-in, but my Khmer language does not have language culture built-in. So, I have to build my own language culture with the following: Step1: Build VB Class with this name...
  2. Chieng Sisovin

    Language Custom Culture

    This is my first project to study on language custom culture for my Khmer Language, because of Windows XP, VB.NET the language package. So I create language class to custom my own language, but I have some problems with my project that I could not debug it. Can someone in this forum help me...
  3. Chieng Sisovin

    How to change Title Bar and Menu on Title Bar

    In a project of version 2.0, I want to customize the title bar and menu title bar in my wanted fonts. I do not want to the default from MS. How to code it?
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