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    Doing maths with contents of 2 files.

    I have 2 text files, both comma deliminated, and decimal values. I used an string array to read all the contents in and to split it at each comma. I need to take the first value from file1 and subtract it from the first value in file 2. Do i need to convert the arrays to integers or am i...
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    Question Format usb Drive

    I want to format a usb drive. I know its not a good idea to format in code and all that. But i need to minimize the risk of a virus. When a usb is inserted it picks it up and formats. I have tried with this code, but it keeps telling me drive not found. And i know the drive exists. Dim...
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    Question Saving Textboxes to memory

    I have a set of Labels that indicate a instrument number. These labels can be changed at the top in sets of 10. 10-20,20-30 etc Next to the labels are textboxes, i get readings from serialport, when you click on a textbox the reading gets stored in that textbox. When the user is finished with...
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    Question Multiple forms

    I have my main form, with serialport1. All my baudrate and connect settings are on my form1. I connect and then hide form1. How do i use the serialport in form1 on my Form2? Im not sure where to start even so a nudge in the right direction would be great. Im using Thank you
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    Question Changing multiple labels

    I have 10 labels, with a dropdown box, the user selects 10-20, 20-30 etc, according to that choice i need to change the labels. This is what i have, but it does not work right, any help please? Dim selectedIndex As Integer selectedIndex = SelectionBox.SelectedIndex Dim...
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