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    Question Recipes relationship diagram module.

    Hello people. I have been struggling for some time now with drawing up a relationship diagram module for my scenario. I have three tables as of now. 1) Recipes 2) Ingredients 3) RecipesIngredients Recipes --(one to many) ---|> RecipesIngredients <|-----(many to one) --- Ingredients...
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    Question Accessing SQLDatasource within User Control from Parent page.

    Okay so I have been sitting on this problem for some time now. Scenario One needs a search control that can be used on a number of different pages of once website. So one builds a User Control. User Control setup. (Child) It has a couple of listboxes, textboxes, a button and...
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    Question SiteMapProvider Help ?

    I found a solution to this problem of mine after a couple of more searches. . .:playful: Create a folder called App_Code in your Solution Explorer then copy the AccessSiteMapProvider.vb file in to the created folder. Hope this helps
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    Question SiteMapProvider Help ?

    Hello all, First of I don't know if this is the right thread to post this question. I am having a lot of problems with SqlSiteMapProvider, keep on getting: Could not load type '<class name>' I have read numerous post regarding SqlSiteMapProvider Examples are: Wicked Code: The SQL Site Map...
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    GridView with nested Combobox

    Hello to all readers. (Dont know if this should go here or under ASP.Net seeing its VB.Net i posted it here) Scenario: You have a store and like to order a couple of new items for your store, so naturally you will need an order form to be filled in. Requirements on the form are: ID number of...
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