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    function used to fill a DataTable

    This is a pretty basic function used to fill a DataTable with data from a SQL database but could easily be adjusted for different types of databases. Public Shared Function FillTable(ByVal dtReturn As DataTable, ByVal SelectStatement As String, ByVal ConnectionString As String, Optional ByVal...
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    Having an issue with DataGridViewButtonColumn

    I have a datatable that I am using as a datasource to a datagridview. I am adding a datagridviewbuttoncolumn just before I set the datasource. The problem that I am having is that I want the text "View" to show on the button and it is not. I was under the impression that setting the Text...
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    Question Having issues with XPathNavigator

    Hope this is in the correct forum. I am having trouble with navigating a Soap response with the XPath Navigator. If anyone has ideas or a better way of doing it that would be great. My main question is: Is it because this is a soap envelope that my Node Iterater will not fill...
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    Question DataTable frustration

    VS2005 SP1 I have a datatable that is not created from a database, in other words i have created the columns and added them to a datatable object. Then I fill the rows and add them to the datatable. Now i need to delete some of the rows but not others. For Each drCheck As DataRow In...
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