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    Question reportviewer a error on other machines

    no advise till now?
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    Question reportviewer a error on other machines

    Dear all, i have made an application in vs2012 vb dot net 3.5 for running application in xp i am running windows 8.1 x64 bit in my machine i have deployed the application and installed into my machine and its running well, but while installing in other machines again it running well but in...
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    Question show a popup menu image when enter a text box

    hi, i have designed a program in local language font, so for user to type text i want a popup menu to appear next to text box that shows an image of keys. i can't get the source how to do it, please help ranjeet
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    Question Update two tables with sql command text

    thx jmcilhinney my problem solved.... i have used this code Dim sSQL1 As String = "UPDATE Table1 SET ClientName=@ClientName WHERE ClientCode=@ClientCode" Dim sSQL2 As String = "UPDATE Table2 SET ClientName=@ClientName WHERE ClientCode=@ClientCode" cmd.Parameters.Add("@ClientName"...
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    Question Update two tables with sql command text

    hi i have two or more tables with same fields to update in a button click... i am using this code: Private Sub btnSave_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnSave.Click Dim res As New DialogResult res = MsgBox("Do you want to save data?"...
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    Question Distribute Records into Colums

    friends i have number of records in one column and i would like to distribute evenly in several (six) columns assume there are 20 records in one column, and i want to distribute 4 records in first column, 4 records in second column, and 3 records in third, fourth, fifth and sixth column...
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    Question Print List of Images in Single Page with Microsoft Report Viewer

    hello..... i am trying to get a list of images in single page with rdlc report in, just like zigzag mode in one page then next page..... hope you get my question properly.... best advise will be appreciated... thanks ranjeet
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    PDF fill and click button

    hi, i am making an application in 2012 i have a xml file in my local drive that i want to import to a pdf fillable for (that's also in my local drive), and want to click a button in the PDF Form for the further process.... i am newbie in vb, any help would be appreciated.... ranjeet
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    Question Adobe Reader Commands

    hi all, please someone advise.......
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    Question Adobe Reader Commands

    hi, i have made an application in 2012. from the form i create a xml file and i want to open a pdf fillable form(that i have created earlier) in background and import data of xml file to the pdf form (i.e. possible in manually). then i want to click a command button placed into pdf form...
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    Question Pdf form filling

    hi, i have pdf that i am filling with iTextSharp successfully, but the problem is what that the form contains radio buttons and combo fields that after update shows the hidden fields (and that's what i can't fill), but the radio buttons and comboboxes are filed but that hidden fields are not...
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    Question retrive data from a xml file to database

    dear friends i am a newbie in vb.... i am developing an application that retrieve data from a xml file and get that data into a typedataset to use fields to fill my other forms or table actually there is a pdf fillable form that accept data and saves file in xml format. i want to fill that pdf...
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