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    RijndaelManaged cryptography algorithm problem

    I used this function to encrypt and decrypt any files in my aplication but i've got problem. When I use this on .jpg, .png etc. (pictures) everything is allright but if i need to encode and decode .txt or .doc/.docx Ive got problem like: when I put orginal .txt like: SELECT TOP 1 @id = id...
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    Question Image src (not picture) cannot be loaded in Chrome

    Hello I've got a problem. I's seems simply but I didn't saw solution anywhere. In one aspx for example 1.aspx file I have got html contol img running at server. <img id='PreviewImage' runat="server" class="showAll" /> In file 1.aspx.vb in page load I need to set src of this img and I do it...
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