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  1. vis781

    Question Split an image into seperate 32x32 peices

    GDI+ can handle this for you, though i'm not sure how well it will perform. There is a function in the Graphics class called DrawImage. It has about 25+ overloads and one of them accepts arguments for a source bitmap for which you can provide co-ordinates of the part of the image you want, you...
  2. vis781

    Why the C# preferred more than ?

    My two cents.... If I had to make a choice between VB.Net and C# it would be VB.Net all the way and here's why.... Why would you want to go to the trouble of learning a second rate C style language like C# when you could just go ahead and learn the real thing and start programming in C++. Im my...
  3. vis781

    detect change to controls

    This may be a little to generic and some futher processing may be neccesary however if you override the wndproc and intercept the WM_COMMAND message and place the code to change the text there. I have no doubt that you will have to either use the HIWORD of the wParam to determine which control...
  4. vis781

    Anyone ever seen this error?

    Oh ok, think I know what happening here. Turns out ot be a common problem with click once. Try going the properties page of the project. Application files button-> and change from pre-requisite to 'Include' for the so called missing files and re-publish.
  5. vis781

    Anyone ever seen this error?

    Well looking at the error message it sounds like a glitch and a file has been corrupted somewhere in the GAC or possibly it was never there to start with? Have you tried re-installing the appropriate version of the framework?
  6. vis781

    Form Background Image problem

    Probably not what you are going to hear but a re-design of your form is 'the best' way A lower quality image will reduce load time but I think you'll find that your going to need to break that huge form down into smaller chunks either by using more sub-forms or potentially some panels that you...
  7. vis781

    Question to use VB 6.0 or VB .NET for simple application?

    That is completely and utterly not true. You will only take a performance hit from .Net on startup whilst the base class libraries are loaded along with the CLR and any other dependancies that you app may have. However all programs are pretty much subject to that. The machine instruction that...
  8. vis781

    Open Existing form from String

    Something like this.. using a bit of reflection. Imports System.Reflection Dim frm As Form = DirectCast(Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetType("yourApplication.someFormName") ), Form) frm.Show()
  9. vis781

    Question Adding Icons to List View Items

    Yep, just drop me a line.
  10. vis781

    Question Adding Icons to List View Items

    It would't be easy. But it's totally possible, it's just a collection based control with a few bells and whistles. I'm not sure how best to advise you as I don't know how much time you want to spend on this. I'm happy to help you make one but it will take a while.
  11. vis781

    Question Image stretch or reduced to fit inside button

    dim img as new bitmap(filename) dim img2 as new bitmap(img, mybutton.width, mybutton.height) mybutton.Image = img2 Should be... dim img as new bitmap(filename) mybutton.BackgroundImageLayout = ImageLayout.Stretch mybutton.BackgroundImage = img
  12. vis781

    Question how can i delete my thread?

    PM a mod with the link or change the title to let us know that you want the thread deleted.
  13. vis781

    Problem with .ldb file

    An .ldb file is created everytime you open an access database. It can't be deleted until you close the access database or close the process that created it.
  14. vis781

    Question Image stretch or reduced to fit inside button

    Use BackgroundImage instead of the image property and set the BackgroundImageLayout Property to Stretch. This will scale the image appropriately.
  15. vis781

    Dataset HasChanges, DataBindings..

    I doubt it, seeing as the bindingsource.EndEdit calls the CurrencyManagers.EndEdit and this is an implementation of IEditableObject. However the Datarow's EndEdit is not an implementation of this interface. So therefore there must be some plumbing somewhere to pass the info along that changes...
  16. vis781

    Dataset HasChanges, DataBindings..

    The Dataset doesn't care how much you edit a datarow. The datarow, datatable and dataset only care when you've finished editing a row. This is when you would usually call DataRow.EndEdit, or it is called implicitly when you cycle to a different row using the BindingNavigator. To affect a change...
  17. vis781

    Converting C++ API Calls

    Did you try the solution I provided in my first post below???? I'll be surprised if it doesn't work.
  18. vis781

    Byref Assignment order

    As far as reference types are concerned you always get "here's my address" ByRef or ByVal. Does it work if you change it to ByVal?
  19. vis781

    Converting C++ API Calls

    VB.Net has the capability of calling any and all API's as has c#. If it couldn't the framework wouldn't work at all seeing as just about everything you do in .Net will eventually filter down to some kind of interop.
  20. vis781

    Converting C++ API Calls

    title here is, as you probably know, is a pointer to an ANSI string. I'm not sure how the framework will handle this probably using WideCharToMultiByte. However it should all be done for you. Passing a .Net string by reference should produce the desired result seeing as it's only a pointer a...
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