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    Simulating Multiple Inheritance

    Hello, I have created an object which involve a datagrid. But when I create a form and try to use the object, I found that some of the property exists for a datagrid does not show in the usercontrol in the form, for example BackgroundColor Property. So i thought of creating properties...
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    Crystal / Basic Syntax

    Hi, Anyone here familiar with crystal syntax or basic syntax.. in crystal report. I need some help.... Is there any sites or whatever that can help teach one how to use either crystal syntax or basic syntax? Thanx
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    Error Hi, It seem that the second error is about the missing DEBUGGER, so I have fixed that. And it shows this error message: Microsoft <R> Common Language Runtime Test Debugger Shell Version 1.1.4322.573 Copyright <c> Microsoft Corporation 1998-2002. All Rights reserved. <cordbg> a...
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    Setup Program Hello, I am not sure whether I am just tired, or I seriously dont understand the msdn instruction to create a setup and deployment projects. In a very simple english, can someone actually explain to me how to create this setup project.. I already have a project and i...
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    Crystal Report: Horizontal Alignment

    Hello, I am not sure where to post this Thread, but since there is no sub forum for Crystal Report, so I put it under General. Okay now the Questions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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