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    I need some gaps filled in my knowledge about the GAC and interop assemblies

    I have a COM dll called "Magic.dll." I did not make it. It exposes some classes which are useful to me, but referencing it directly creates a large number of warnings. Refrencing it directly *also* generates two new assemblies, "Interop.Magic.dll" and "Interop.VBA.dll." I found that if I...
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    What do I need to communicate with a VSS server?

    Nevermind. Figured it out myself. But if anyone knows a better way to do it than what I did, I'd be happy to hear it. My situation is that my own machine is running Visual Studio 2010, but I need to access a VSS repository. VS2010 appears to have built-in functionality for accessing TFS repos...
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    Is there a good way to embed an XML config file?

    Let's say I have an executable which relies on a set of rules, defined in an XML file. My main function looks something like this: Sub main() Dim rulesEngine As New RulesEngine("rules.xml") DoStuff(rulesEngine) End Sub Later, I find that in practice, this executable...
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