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    TAPI Application Examples

    Hi Where can I find good Application examples for TAPI?
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    Convert Hexadecimal Values

    Hi How to convert hexadecimal values from this form("0x00000004") to ("&Hxxxx")? Thanks
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    The Constant of the TAPI function

    Hi When I am defining a TAPI function I found in the declaration constant variables with a hexadecimal value assigned to the constant, what I want to know is from where this values came from I search in MSDN TAPI Documentation and I didn't find anything about it can any help me pls for...
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    Pyramidal Database

    :) hi all How can i cerate a database with pyramidal record so i can bind the records to treeview control in vb .net thanks
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    Caller Phone Number

    :) Hi all I need help if any one can tell my how I can get the caller number from the modem if a call came to the modem and show me in the textbox the phone number. Be note: That my landline has the caller number display service
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