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    how to terminate a sub process along with main application

    hi all i created two applications from second application i am running first application as a sub process using process class when i am closing my second application(i,e main application) i am not able to terminate sub process along with it. how can i terminate plz help
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    How to hide a form

    hi Weismana81, i saw ur code just now but i already got the solution for it. i tried in the same way what u wrote, its working really fine. thanx for the help
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    How to hide a form

    JuggaloBrotha thanx for the reply but i tried that code already but it didn't work when i executed the application it didn't display the form at all and came out of application
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    How to hide a form

    hi all i have an application in which there is only one single form in the code i have written like this module m1 public f as new form1 sub main() f.showdialog() end sub end module in form button1_click event f.hide() the problem is when i click button1 the form is closing and coming...
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    Between Clause In Crystal Report

    hi, try this code PrivateSub DateTimePicker2_ValueChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles DateTimePicker2.ValueChanged With cv .SelectionFormula = "{END_USERS_ORDER_DISPATCH.EU_Dispatch_DateTime_Sen t} in '" & Me.DateTimePicker1.Value & "' to '" &...
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    storing image into oracle database using winforms

    hi friends, how to store image into oracle database using ODP.NET AND OLEDB.NET help me thanx in advance
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