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    Question How much does a programmer earn?

    the money you earn is also based on whether or not you own a business, do contracting or have a permanent position in a company. Where I live in Ireland a beginner programmer can earn €24,000+ ($34,000+ @ $1.42 per €) in a permanent role. An experienced one in a given technology can earn...
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    Question Font.Charset Problem

    the font properties are ReadOnly which forces you to create a new Font object. It's a pain in the bum but there you go. The code you're looking for is; With TextBox1 .Font = New Font(.Font.Style, Font.Size, Font.Style, .Font.Unit, 128) End With
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    Pseudo code

    that's what commenting your code properly is for as well as documenting it :-)
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    Triangle movement

    what form of movement, straight, curved, will it bounce, will it deform...
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    Boolean Swap

    I won't be doing your homework for you :-) That said, the easiest way I can see to sort an array is; '** note: for demonstration purposes, I declared an array called "test" '** and populated it first before using this code Dim sortTest As System.Collections.ArrayList sortTest = new...
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    College Student File Path Problem

    if the vbproj file is ok and you're able to open it, don't worry about the sln file as it's not always created
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    Boolean Swap

    ok, so what construct are you using to store the names? Are you using an array (eg, "Dim myNames() As String"), an ArrayList (eg, "Dim myNames As ArrayList = New ArrayList"), a "List(Of T)" ( eg, "Dim myNames As List(Of String) = New List(Of String)"), or a "Dictionary(Of Tkey, Tvalue)"...
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    Boolean Swap

    can you describe what you mean by "boolean swap"? Do you mean the bubble sort algorithm? Normally, for most practical purposes you just call the Sort() method on a collection which does it for you...
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    General Control Problem

    I haven't seen this in a while but it used to drive me mad too :-) I can't remember what exactly I did (not helpful, I know, sorry) but try putting an "Imports Global" at the top and see if that works
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    College Student File Path Problem

    when browsing the directory in windows explorer for the folder with your solution file (.sln), open up the sln file using *notepad*. You can change the file paths manually but you might need to search down through the file a bit before you see the entry for your main form.
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    Answers to the Simple IQ Test

    "intelligence" is the correct spelling - check ;) :P lol As for memory, well no because if someone is learning something new, then they have no prior knowledge of what is being learned, ergo, no memory. That said, there is almost always some parallel that you can draw upon when learning...
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    No right or wrong?

    I'd temper that by saying that sometimes you have to try go past the accepted boundries of the possible to truly know what is impossible. In other words, it's sometimes worthwhile to try something crap to fully understand why it's crap. There's always the possibility that you will find a way to...
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    Answers to the Simple IQ Test

    smartarse :) lol! As for what is intelligence, that is a question still unanswered by science believe it or not. The best explanation I've come across was in the NewScientist magazine ( that broke down intelligence into social, musical, spatial and other kinds of...
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    Multiple child forms

    I understand but it's hard to debug something you can't see. My advice would be to try and go through the object references one by one and try and find what's being passed between instances of the forms
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    Listen Infinitely

    there isn't any reason why you *can't* use winsock in a service. After all, the IIS SMTP service for email is listening on port 25 for example. Just remember to close the port cleanly when your service is paused, stopped or cancelled.
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    Making drawn lines stay on screen

    you'll need to store all the points of all the lines and redraw them each time in the Paint event. Tedious but necessary...
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    Listen Infinitely

    er... isn't that what you're using? If not, then yes, winsock is effecient if basic. Setting it to Listen tells it to set a hook and winsock will be notified by the os when data is received. It saves having to code a loop
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    why my VS2005 doesn't give error details?

    'tis odd alright...
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    aahhh, yeah, I got that when I had to reinstall my comp. You need to download Microsoft Web Services 3.0 and install it. Afterwards, make sure this is referenced by your project. As for the toolbox, I think the AJAX installation puts something into the Start\Programs menu that registers the...
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    Multiple child forms

    well.. it kind of depends on the code within NewMainForm itself but the theory is that it *should* create new instances of dataset etc provided you're not sharing stuff but it really all depends on how you're going about it which was why I was asking to see the code. The likes of controls and...
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