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    Insert query

    I must agree with cjard. NEVER use concatenation in SQL, use parameters. In addition to that, you may want to look at using the Enterprise Library from Microsoft to take advantage of the Data Access Application Block. They have already done most of the leg work for your data access code.....
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    Sql Command Problem

    You have broken the first 2 rules of database normalization in designing the database table......
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    Problems with Insert Command

    Vis781 and cjard, Thank you for making my points for me on why it is almost ALWAYS REQUIRED to use parameters.
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    Sql syntax error due to parameter

    Need to change two lines: oledbDaCT.SelectCommand = New SqlCommand("Select clnt_pk, clnt_CompanyName From tb_Clients Where clnt_CompanyName like '@clnt_CompanyName' ", mycon) Dim para = oledbDaCT.SelectCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@clnt_CompanyName", cmbClients.Text & "%")
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    Mysql and

    Why are you using the IDataReader, and not the MySqlDataReader?
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    Please explain SQL Server Data Types

    Char and varchar: Character Strings char Fixed-length non-Unicode character data with a maximum length of 8,000 characters. varchar Variable-length non-Unicode data with a maximum of 8,000 characters. text Variable-length non-Unicode data with a maximum length of 2^31 - 1...
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    pdf reader

    I don't think you can embed this, aka it will cause a PDF file to open in an external application, but foxit reader is a lightweight, and free PDF file reader that I use.
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    mysql connection

    It sounds like you are just missing one step. You need to add a reference to (usually located at C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Connector Net 1.0.7\bin\.NET 1.1). Just right click on the references forlder, and browse to where the file is located on your computer...
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    Programming Ideas

    Project now getting started I wanted to post an update regarding the project on my blog. I have done some project specification documents to get this started. I ask that anyone who is interested visit my blog, and download the docs. Please give feedback on what you see.
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    Calling a function

    Try looking in the help for AddHandler. This allows you to, in code, specify what code should be called when a certain event happens.
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    How to convert DATASET to ARRAY output

    I guess that you would have to initalize the upper bounds of the array based on the number of records in the dataset. Next loop through the dataset and add each row as an element in the array.....
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    could some one complete my assignment please

    Well, at least your honest, but I hope you don't plan on going into the programming profession.....
  13. S 2005

    If you think pro is good, get the Team Suite. Talk about ROCKS!!!!
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    Select statement-True or false?

    NEVER WRITE SQL LIKE THAT! Always use parameters: cmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM Register WHERE Username = @Username and Password = @Password" cmd.Paramters.Add("@Username", sqldbtype.varchar, 50).Value = user cmd.Paramters.Add("@Password", sqldbtype.varchar, 50).Value = pass
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    help me to update database

    NEVER EVER WRITE SQL LIKE THAT!!!! That is very bad code because it opens you up to SQL Injection attacks. Always use paramaters.
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    Auto Number

    You do not need to buy SQL Server to get all the benefits of a MULTI-user database. Go to: and download the FREE version of SQL Express. Yes it is a watered down version of SQL Server, but it is MULTI-user, has Stored Procedures, Triggers, and...
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    Inserting date to access problem

    So, It is working now?
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    Inserting date to access problem

    Maybe it is a good time to see your updated code (hint: use around your code as it can make it alot easier to read.)
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    Inserting date to access problem

    If you have not imported System.Data.OleDb then you will need to reference the complete path to the oleDbType (System.Data.OleDb.oleDbType). Also once you have done that the date one may need to be adjusted as well...
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    Inserting date to access problem

    try changing the paramter section of the code to: sqlCommand.Parameters.Add("@Hardware_Id", OleDbType.VarChar).Value = HardwareId sqlCommand.Parameters.Add("@Date_Time", OleDbType.SmallDateTime).Value = d sqlCommand.Parameters.Add("@Staff_Reported", OleDbType.VarChar).Value = Staff...
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