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    Error when committing the row to the original data store

    Dear All, I want to customize error msg of my own in place of the following. "Error when committing the row to the original data store" This error msg appears when we set DataColumn to AllowDbnull = False and try to update the DataTable with a null value. Any one has the solution to this...
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    DataColumn Expression Error with LookUp

    Dear all, I have error " There is no row at position 0" at DataColumn Expression. Can any one help me please?? First Table :- Public Function GetCustomerDetail(ByVal CustomerID As String) As DataTable Dim techConnection As OleDbConnection = New OleDbConnection(strConn) Dim...
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    DataColumn Expression Serial No Generating

    Dear All, I have datatable with a Column as "Sno". This DataTable is bound with DataGrid Now I want to generate Row Numbers for 'Sno' DataColumn through expression Public Function Tempinvoice(ByVal DataTableName As String) As DataTable dt = New DataTable(DataTableName) Dim dcsno As...
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    How can we get Sum of a column

    Dear all, I have a datagrid bound with tempDataTable. Dim TempInvoiceData As TechManagement.DBComponents.ProductDB = New TechManagement.DBComponents.ProductDB Dim DataTableName As String tblTempInvoice = TempInvoiceData.Tempinvoice(DataTableName) and DataTable Columns...
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    An unhandled exception on --Application.Run(New Form1)

    Dear All, When I run Application I Have following error An unhandled exception of type 'System.NullReferenceException' occurred in Additional information: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Sample Application is attached here Can any one hep me...
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    DataGrid Data Entry help

    Dear All, below mentioned code is working and fetches data exactly as I wanted with one exception. That's, the ProductID, I enter goes into next row. all other data(ProdDescription,Uprice) goes into right cells of currentrow. so what's wrong here? why ProdID goes into next row? can any one...
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    Keyup event with Enter key not working???

    Dear all, Following code is not working with Enter Key What is wrong here? All other Chr 's working. For Example if I put : Following is the DG Tablestyles column dgtbc = dgInvoice.TableStyles(0).GridColumnStyles(1) ' If Not (dgtbc Is Nothing) Then dgtbc.Width = 110...
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    various Datagrid questions

    Here I would make it clear what i'm doing with DG and where I face problem. The DG has 6 columns respectively Sno,ProdId,ProdDescription,Qty,Uprice,Amount. 1. Sno is autoincrement upon adding new rows. I put following code to auto increment Sno (related colunm of datatable)...
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    How to program DataGrid Keypress event? like in VB6

    Dear all, I used to code keypress event for VB6 as below. But now I can't upgrade this code to VBdot net 2003. Can any one help me please, to sort out the code to match VB dot net 2003? Thanks for your help.. Private Sub DataGrid1_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer) If KeyAscii =...
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    Filter DataView Problem

    Dear all, The code as below after filtering, gives strange data in the listbox "System.Data.DataRowView" Here something Error I can' short out. filterview.RowFilter = "ProductID LIKE '%" & txtProductID.Text _ & "' OR ProductName LIKE '%" & txtProductID.Text & "%'" So any one can helpme...
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    Error in Connection String

    Dear All, I'm getting error with the following code. can anyone shortout the problem please. Your help is highly appreciated. Public Function GetProductDetails(ByVal productID As Integer) As ProductsDetails ' Create Instance of Connection and Command Object Dim techConnection As...
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    Combobox Error

    Dear All, I have problem with following code : Private Sub frmProdDataEntry_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load Dim Categories As TechManagement.DBComponents.ProductDB = New TechManagement.DBComponents.ProductDB cboCategory.DataSource =...
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    Why Crystal Report is Sorted Alphabetic wise Automatically?

    Dear All, Why Crystal Reports Sorts Automatically? I use following code to assign dataset to the report. When the report generated everytime it sorts automatically. How can I remove auto sort? Dim sql As String = "SELECT ProductID,ProductName,ProductImage FROM Products Where ProductID in ("...
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    Saving Image as jpg with particular size into database

    Dear All, I want to save image from picture box into access database with size of 400x300, regardless of whatever the original size of picture in the picture box. 1). For example The Picture may be Desk or Chair. Chair size may be 50x75 varias Desk size might be 400x300. The rest area of...
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    how can we load images from access database to macromedia flash?

    Dear All, I'm creating a intractive CD with images(Catalogue) loaded in access db. I don't want every user to install the program into his pc. When he/she inserts cd it should play and display images by category wise (9 pictures at one time). is there vb code to acheive this in flash or any...
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    Windows Forms Designer Generated Code

    Dear vis781, I don't understand the following phrase. Can you give more explaination please.It will help us more. Increase your winforms load times. Open the windows forms generated bit and delete... Control.size = new ... Control.location = new point... Instead use ...
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    Curved Box not appearing in CR

    Hi All, I have added a box object into CR for page border and formatted with round corner. When i previev it, It does not shows round cuved corners. however when I exported into word doc format it displays round corner in word.but not exactly as I wanted, the round corner is fixed size only...
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    Need help!Can grow does not works propoerly.Pictures in Crystal Reports and VB dotnet

    Dear All, I am new to dot not. I'm using vbdot net 2003 with crystal reports that bundled with vs2003 for creating catalogues for our company. In design time I have added picture field to the crystal reports and ticked the cangrow property so the picture can fit into its true aspect ratio. but...
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    Printing Pictures on Crystal reports,Assigning parameters from Listbox

    Dear All, I have a Listbox lstProductID. I Want to print pictures of productid's from lstProductID list box only. how can we assign parameter from lsit box. can anyone help with sample code please? Thanks in advance
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    Stretch property of the Picturebox doesn't strech very well.

    Dear All, I have a picturebox control on a form. But the Stretch property of the picturebox control doesn't strech very well - i.e. it distorts the Aspect Ratio to fit the control size. So some pictures look ugly on the form. Can you help with sample code please. Thanks in advance
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