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  1. vSky

    Typing with the on-screen keyboard.

    Frankly, I have no idea about it. I just use the on-screen keyboard with mouse click. I thought it would be appropriate to open this topic with the thought that maybe there is a different and simpler way.
  2. vSky

    Typing with the on-screen keyboard.

    Since my English is not very good, I try to make sure that it is short and clear. The translation can sometimes make a different sentence than what I wrote, and this makes it misunderstand. (I have a lot of experience in this subject) The reason why I opened the subject in this way is based on...
  3. vSky

    Typing with the on-screen keyboard.

    Hi, How can I type using the on-screen keyboard? I can do it with a mouse click, but there is an error in multiple operations. Please help me.
  4. vSky

    Resolved How do I translate with

    Hello, What I want is, when I press Ctrl+C, I want it to translate the copied text.(ENGtoTR) I don't have much knowledge. I am someone who uses a translation program all the time. I want to make it easy. I would be glad if you help. Thanks.
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