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  1. Bryce Gough

    Question Listbox with folders

    Hello, I am wonder if the ListBox control or any other control has the ability to have folders with icons like the Visual Studio Solution explorer. It would help a lot if anyone could point me in the right direction :)
  2. Bryce Gough

    Question Start form after application start

    Hey Again,, Sorry for all the console application questions but I'm new to working with the console, but I'm trying my hardest to find answers before I post a new thread. I am dynamically creating forms in my console application and I am using Application.Run so that my forms are displayed...
  3. Bryce Gough

    Question Hide/Show console window

    Hey Guys, I've been looking everywhere and I am really stuck on this one small problem... I need to be able to hide/show the console window during runtime. I can't change my console application to a window forms application because it messes up my code and I'm pretty sure you still can't show...
  4. Bryce Gough

    Question Create Instance of Class from Class Name

    Hey Guys, Pretty much what I have is many many classes created, now the user will type a class name and a method and the application will run that method with the supplied arguments. Now I have got it working using: Dim method As System.Reflection.MethodInfo method = Type.GetType("Code." &...
  5. Bryce Gough

    VS 2012 RC Crashing

    Hi Guys, I have recently switched from Visual Studio 2010 to Visual Studio 2012 RC and I have been using it for about a month or more now. Anyway, I have been working on a game engine and here is the problem. When I leave Visual Studio open in the background while on a website, after about 3-5...
  6. Bryce Gough

    FYI Enable Arrow Keys/Tab in User Control

    Hey Guys, I was just working on a 2D RPG Engine I'm working on and noticed the User Controls use the arrow keys and tab key as function keys on the main form. So I wrote a little piece of code to place in your control to allow arrow keys and the tab key to be pressed. Protected Overrides...
  7. Bryce Gough

    Available Open Development Web Server

    Hey Guys, Would anyone be interested in a open source web server? The project name is onyxServer and I have got it working quite well. If you are interested please comment below or PM me. I set up a temporary development site so people can view what we have done so far. It can be...
  8. Bryce Gough

    Question 2D Side Scrolling Game Help

    Hello, I'm developing a 2D side scrolling game in, I've got as far as walking around, shooting, start screen and sound... But I need help with making it scroll sideways, and I really need help with creating floors/ledges to walk on, I'm using picture boxes for the player/floors/ledges and...
  9. Bryce Gough

    Question How to start Audio/Video Editing software

    Hello, I am getting a team of my coders together, and we would like to create a Audio/Video editing piece of software. The thing is, we have nowhere to start, we are currently designing on paper and in photoshop, but would not know how to acctually make a start to any of this. This will...
  10. Bryce Gough

    Question 2D Shooting Game Help

    hello, I have made a multiplayer (2 people on one keyboard) shooting game in, and I need help with the movment, at the moment everyone can move fine, but if someone shoots or moves while someone else is moving, then only one person can move at a time. How would I change the code so more...
  11. Bryce Gough

    Ontop of my application only

    Hello, I need a form to only be shown on top of all the other forms on my application, but not any others. Any way I could do this easily?
  12. Bryce Gough

    feedback on bug problems in LimeEdit

    OK, so I know everyone at this forum (Well most people) know quite a bit about computers. Now LimeEdit 3.0 is having some bug problems and we need all the feedback we can get. So I was wondering if anyone who reads this can do this: Go to LimeEdit - Download and download LimeEdit 3.0 Install...
  13. Bryce Gough

    Does anyone know a good way to show HTML color formatting in RichTextBox?

    I already has a 3rd party code formatting box, but I would like a new one that shows line numbers, code formatting and is a lot like NotePad++'s code formatting .dll, I could not find notepad++'s control so I will keep looking, and maybe wait for someone here to help me find one similar. EDIT...
  14. Bryce Gough

    Available Looking for .net Developers for LimeEdit

    Hello, i'm the head coder of LimeEdit - HTML Editor. Now, we would like some help in the developing of LimeEdit 3.0 or 3.1. What we would need: A Quick table adder that adds the html code to a textbox Also me (Bryce Gough) would like some help in how to compile an vb/c#/c++ form into a .exe...
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